• Author: Baed
  • Date: March 31, 2022
  • Updated: June 23, 2022
  • Expansion: World of Warcraft

Compared to the last two expansions, Shadowlands has made obtaining flying quite easy to get and 9.2 continues this with Zereth Mortis. Though slightly more involved than just reaching 44 Renown and doing the Korthia campaign, the new zone requires no Renown but does require you to complete an relatively easy meta-achievement, Unlocking the Secrets.

Unlocking the Secrets

The achievement has six parts: Explore Zereth Mortis, Curious Collections, Adventures in Zereth Mortis, Path to Enlightenment, A Means to an End, and Tales of the Exile. Most of these are fairly straight-forward, with Explore Zereth Mortis simply requiring you to reveal the entire map by going to each individual location within Zereth Mortis, Curious Collections wants you to loot 5 different treasures, Adventures in Zereth Mortis requires 10 different encounter or rare kills. Path to Enlightenment wants you to complete the three different questlines from Pilgrim’s Grace, while A Means to an End wants you to complete the Zereth Mortis campaign up to chapter 6. The last achievement, Tales of the Exile, is a little more out of the way, as it requires you to find all 7 of Firim’s lost journal volumes. These volumes are scattered across Zereth Mortis, but are able to be found quickly if you use addon coordinates.

Coordinates of Firim’s scrolls, starting from outside Haven and rotating clockwise around Zereth Mortis:
41.74 62.44
35.72 55.40
37.54 46.01
39.03 31.09
64.83 33.64
67.42 25.18
49.82 76.56

The scrolls don’t need to be read, simply picking them up will count towards the achievement. Once they are all obtained, you can also find an eighth scroll that is not needed for the achievement within Firim’s cave.

As soon as your achievements are complete, you can fly as much as you like. The achievement is account-wide as well, so alternate characters will be able to fly within Zereth Mortis as well.


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