Dragonflight Will Have a Season 4 With Fated Raids

wow dragonflight fated raids

BlizzCon may be over, but the news is still coming in the form of tweets and interviews. Yesterday we had some updates about Dynamic Flight in 10.2.5, and today we have some more Dragonflight news: the expansion will have a Season 4.

In an interview with Icy Veins, Ion Hazzikostas revealed that the last season of Dragonflight will feature Fated raids, like we saw at the end of Shadowlands.

The last patch for Shadowlands did not include a new raid. Instead, each week one of the existing expansion raids became Fated, scaling up its difficulty, adding a Mythic+ style affix, and dropping higher item level loot.

So it seems the devs were happy with how Fated raids played out the first time around, and plan to continue to close out expansions with them in the future. We don’t know anything about the affixes or what else we can expect this time around. We should hear more as we get closer to Season 4.

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