Dragonflight Hotfix Roundup – Zskarn HP Nerf, Neltharus Nerfs, Vortex Pinnacle Nerf

dragonflight hotfix roundup zskarn hp nerf, neltharus nerfs, vortex pinnacle nerf

This set of hotfixes is mostly focused on M+, but has a few other interesting tidbits thrown in as well. The biggest wall for mythic progression, Zskarn, is seeing another nerf to their HP pool – bringing the total nerf to 25% reduced HP on mythic difficulty. This boss is definitely no joke, with the previous boss having nearly double the amount of guilds that have cleared it so far as of right now.

As for the nerfs seen in M+, both Neltharus and Vortex Pinnacle are seeing tuning. For Neltharus there’s a new route open as defeating Chargath opens a doorway in the Smoldering Barracks. There’s also some HP nerfs to a few mobs, and a 20% reduction in damage from the eruption ability of Magmatusk. Vortex Pinnacle is seeing some more targeted nerfs with healing abilities from enemy mobs having a longer cooldown, the skyfall star’s dealing 20% less damage, and the final boss’ Skyfall Nova add it spawns having 20% less health.

If you’ve been enjoying the little Diablo event going on you’ll also be happy to hear that transmogs of Wirt’s Leg are BoE and all styles can now drop for any class, regardless of if that character can equip it! For the full breakdown check the notes below.

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May 30, 2023


  • Druid
    • Fixed a bug causing Ursol’s Vortex to use its PvP duration in PvE content.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
    • The Forgotten Experiments
      • Fixed an issue where players sometimes left combat between when boss creatures were active.
    • Rashok, the Elder
      • Fixed an issue where Lava Wave is inflicting damage more often than stated in the spell description.
    • Magmorax
      • No longer targets pets with Blazing Breath.
    • Echo of Neltharion
      • Shatter no longer damages pets.
  • Mythic+
    • Neltharus
      • Burning Chains found in the Smoldering Barracks no longer damage players.
      • The doorway in the Smoldering Barracks now opens when Chargath, Bane of Scales is defeated.
      • Increased the cooldown of Qalashi Thaumaturge’s Molten Core.
      • Forgewrought Monstrosity health reduced by 25%.
      • Lava Flare health reduced by 20%.
      • Magmatusk
        • Magma Eruption damage reduced by 20%.
    • Vortex Pinnacle
      • The cooldown of Temple Adept’s Greater Heal has been increased.
      • Skyfall Star’s Starlight damage reduced by 20%.
      • Asaad, Caliph of Zephyrs
        • Skyfall Nova health reduced by 20%.

Items and Rewards

  • Players can now get a Wirt’s Leg drop during the Diablo promotion even if their class cannot use the weapon type.
    • Developers’ notes: We are seeing that some versions of Wirt’s Leg are rarer than others due to a restriction on only seeing items your class can use. With the item being Bind on Equip, we are removing the restriction of only seeing items your class can use, so players will see a Wirt’s Leg more often and can send it to an alt that can use it. Also, players can trade a version of the leg they do not need to others that do.

Player versus Player

  • Classes
    • Druid
      • Moon and Stars will no longer cause Precognition to trigger even if the Druid is successfully interrupted.


  • Alchemy
    • Potion and Phial Cauldrons have had their cooldowns reduced to 10 seconds so that solo alchemists who provide for large raid sizes can do so quickly.


  • The Seething Orb puzzle in the Zaqali Caldera will now spawn more frequently.
  • Fixed an issue where the Elder Magma Serpent might not spawn if Ritualmaster Skarna was defeated too quickly during “Researchers Under Fire.”

May 26, 2023

Dungeons and Raids

  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
    • The Vigilant Steward, Zskarn’s health reduced by an additional 10% on Mythic difficulty, to a total 25% health reduction.


  • Big Slick in the City should now no longer anger the local wildlife during “Snail Mail.”
  • The speed up bonus now lasts twice as long during “Snail Mail.”

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