Blood Death Knight Tank Macros For M+ (shadowlands)

Blood can make use of a few macros, in particular, to streamline certain actions.

Hybrid Macro for [Control Undead] and Dismissing Pet:

#showtooltip Control Undead
/target pet
/script PetDismiss()
/cast Control Undead

This macro will cast [Control Undead] when you don’t currently have a pet. When you do have a pet, the first press will target and dismiss it, while the following press will cast [Control Undead] again (and your now uncontrolled pet is already targeting from the previous macro use), making it useful to re-control a minion. Since [Control Undead] only lasts for 5 minutes, you’ll need to recast it if you plan on keeping something around for longer than that.

Dismissing your Ghoul from [Raise Dead]:

/click TotemFrameTotem1 RightButton

Without clicking on the standard blizzard UI, here is a macro line that will dismiss your ghoul, since it is not considered a traditional pet. This is particularly useful when you are attempting to perform a skip using an invisibility potion.

Cast at Cursor Macro for [Death and Decay]:

#showtooltip Death and Decay
/cast [@cursor] Death and Decay

[Death and Decay] is used a lot in our rotation, so time is lost if you need to confirm the AoE when casting the ability. As such, this macro will immediately place [Death and Decay] at your cursor location. There is some learning curve involved in using this macro, but it is a low-cost time save once you are used to it.

Cast on Self Macro for [Gorefiend’s Grasp]:

#showtooltip Gorefiend’s Grasp
/cast [@player] Gorefiend’s Grasp

While it’s ideal to use [Gorefiend’s Grasp] on a different target when one is available, sometimes the only reliable way to group all enemies is to use yourself as a target of this ability. As such, it can be useful to have an additional keybind dedicated to casting this ability on yourself.

Focus [Mind Freeze] Macro (otherwise at Target):

#showtooltip Mind Freeze
/cast [@focus,exists,nodead] [] Mind Freeze

This is your standard focus-kick macro that uses [Mind Freeze] on your focus target (if you have one and if they are not dead) or on your current target. This is used because it’s not always good to be targeting the enemy you want to kick and it’s a waste of effort swapping targets needlessly. This also lowers the chance of you kicking the wrong target, assuming you have designated your focus target appropriately. In order to support this macro, you will most likely want to use simple focus and clearfocus macros to support it as shown below:


Cast at Mouseover Macro (otherwise at Target) for [Raise Ally]:

#showtooltip Raise Ally
/cast [@mouseover,help][@target] Raise Ally

[Raise Ally] is an ability that we want to be able to use quickly and with minimal disruption to our normal rotation. This macro allows us to use it on mouseover (which includes mousing over their unit frame), and to (as a backup) use it on your current target. The main benefit of this macro is the fact that we don’t need to swap off of our current target to use [Raise Ally].


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