Cataclysm Classic Hotfixes for May 22: PvP Vendors and Crafting Fixes

Cataclysm Classic Hotfixes for May 22: PvP Vendors and Crafting Fixes
  • Author: Luxrah
  • Date: May 23, 2024
  • Updated: May 23, 2024
  • Expansion: Cataclysm

Cataclysm Classic launched in full two days ago, and another set of hotfixes went out today for ongoing bugs and issues with the new expansion.

Vendors are now available in Orgrimmar and Stormwind for those who wish to spend their Honor Points on some ilvl 352 blues. Epic PvP gear vendors will not appear until the start of Arena Season 9 next week.

There were a couple of fixes for crafting issues as well. Alchemy and Engineering were apparently not proccing discoveries as they should, but this has now been corrected. The developers also addressed a bug they noted with yesterday’s hotfixes that was allowing players to craft ilvl 377 items. These items should now be ilvl 339.

There were also some fixes to various quests, which you can read in the full list below.

Kaivax – (Source)

May 22, 2024

Cataclysm Classic

  • Fixed a bug preventing Diabolical Plans from dropping in Ashenvale for Horde players wanting to do “Never Again”.
  • Cataclysm Honor Vendors should now be available in Stormwind and Orgrimmar to purchase ilvl 352 Blue PvP Gear for Honor Points.
    • Conquest and Elite Conquest vendors will not sell anything until Arena Season 9 begins with next week’s regional resets.
  • Fixed a bug with the Thirty Tabards
  • Fixed a bug preventing Engineers and Alchemists from making discoveries while crafting.
  • Crafted “Vicious” gear that was unintentionally created at item level 377 has been adjusted to item level 339.
  • In “Stonefather’s Boon”, the Stonefather’s Boon buff duration has been reduced to 10 seconds (was 3 minutes).
  • Fixed some quest issues. Erunak Stonespeaker should now still be visible to players who have advanced further in the quest line at the original location to turn in “Call of Duty”. “All or Nothing”, “Blood and Thunder”, and “Defending the Rift” should no longer fail to complete if you are sitting or mounted.

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