cataclysm classic blacksmithing guide 1 525

Blacksmithing Guide 1-525

October 2, 2023  • Furious

Our Blacksmithing Leveling Guide for Cataclysm is designed to assist you in swiftly and cost-effectively leveling your Blacksmithing from 1 to 525. With mastery in Blacksmithing, y…

wow cataclysm classic professions guide & changes

Professions Overview & Bonuses

October 2, 2023  • Furious

Cataclysm brings a lot of updates and changes to the game’s professions including the skill cap being raised to 525. Gathering professions now also provide experience, and Archaeol…

cataclysm classic alchemy guide 1 525

Alchemy Guide 1-525

October 2, 2023  • Furious

Welcome to our comprehensive Cataclysm Alchemy leveling guide, meticulously designed to assist players in skilfully navigating through the magical science of Alchemy from level 1 t…

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