Cataclysm Hotfixes for May 23: Death Knight Brutal Gladiator Gear

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  • Author: Luxrah
  • Date: May 24, 2024
  • Updated: May 24, 2024
  • Expansion: Cataclysm

The daily hotfixes for the recently launched Cataclysm Classic expansion continue today with a few more fixes to minor issues within the game.

There was an issue with level boosted characters not acquiring the appropriate armor proficiencies, which has now been corrected.

If you’ve been missing the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement despite completing all of the dungeons for it, that should be fixed now as well.

It seems that Death Knights were being overcharged for their Brutal Gladiator gear before, but have haggled their way back to the normal price.

There was also a fix to an issue with the quest On Second Thought, Take One Prisoner as well as the Dormus’ Rage aura, which was being erroneously removed.

Linxy – (Source)

May 23, 2024

Cataclysm Classic

  • Fixed an issue where boosted characters were not properly learning their class and spec’s Armor Proficiency.
  • Fixed a bug with achievement completion tracking for the meta-achievement Classic Dungeonmaster.
  • Death Knight Brutal Gladiator gear on the Outland Armor Quartermasters in Stormwind and Orgrimmar has been discounted so that their prices match those of other classes.
  • Mor’norokk the Hateful can no longer be erroneously killed by players on the quest “On Second Thought, Take One Prisoner”.
  • Fixed an issue that was removing the Dormus’ Rage aura from players who were teleported to Feralas.

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