An Update to “Known Issues” for Cataclysm 4.4.0 – Several Hunter Issues Resolved, Missing Spells Resolved

an update to known issues for cataclysm 4.4.0 several hunter issues resolved, missing spells resolved

Blizzard is using this pre-patch as an opportunity to really dig down and see what issues are plaguing players and trying to take care of them before the release of the full Cataclysm Classic expansion. This time around we have a small list of issues that are now marked as “Issues Addressed”, with several of these being about pet classes or hunters in particular.

There was also a strange bug where people’s spellbooks would be missing spells, or they’d be in the wrong place, or you’d even see spells from expansions that there shouldn’t be! Oh my. Well, that should also be addressed.

That said, the bugfixing process can be brutal and there were also some issues added that they’re aware of but haven’t been quite able to nail down yet. For a full list of what’s been labeled “Addressed” and any new issues that have been taken note of, check out the original post below!

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Issues addressed:

  • Some pet classes will have their pet action bar missing after relogging.
  • New pets that hunters tame that are lower level than the hunter will not properly level up to match the hunter’s level automatically.
  • Some pet classes may have their pet action bar missing after logging out in a non-rested area.
  • Feral druid weapon normalization is not functioning properly, resulting in druids doing more damage than intended.
  • Some spells are missing from players’ spellbooks, or located on the wrong page, or are appearing when they do not exist in Cataclysm.
  • There is not currently a way to leave a random dungeon finder group via the UI
  • Guild chat is not displayed as expected.
  • Guild reputation is not granted when killing Heroic Dungeons bosses as part of a Guild Group.
  • The Race Change service is currently unavailable to Cataclysm characters.
  • The Wintergrasp quests “Victory in Wintergrasp” and “No Mercy for the Merciless” are not rewarding the amount of honor listed in the quest description.
  • While inspecting another player’s gear, their gear icons do not display within the UI.

Issues added:


  • Petting Zoo does not deliver Nuts’ Acorn to players upon acquiring 100 unique pets.

Death Knight

  • Death runes from the Blood of the North passive are randomly converted to Blood runes.


  • Ignite deals inconsistent damage, and incorrect damage when used with Combustion.


  • Guild Challenges may not increment when their criteria is met.


  • Heirloom item scaling is incorrect.

Non-player Characters

  • Players leaving contested territory may be attacked by guards when they teleport to a new zone.

Player versus Player

  • Bonus Honor gained in the score screen is not consistent with the actual gained Honor.

Player Services

  • Players that changed realms during Burning Crusade and logged into Cataclysm Classic are showing as their old realm and are unable to be whispered.
  • Existing boost tokens from Burning Crusade or Wrath that convert to Cataclysm boosts may not be valid on Goblin, Worgen, or Death Knights.


  • Profession skill-ups may not be granted by the completion of “yellow” recipes.
  • Smelting does not level Mining above 20, as intended.

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