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Teebling Appreciation Thread  

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Hey Everyone,

With Classic launching one week from today (3 PM PST on August 26th), let's all take this opportunity to thank the person who created this fantastic community, teebling!

I came to the Barrens Chat shortly before Classic was even given a launch date by Blizz, full of theory and pep, and this community has helped me find friends like Jon Bloodspray and Lendryn, find my guild in Shut up and Color, and have a place to nerd out with the best of them. Some of you are annoying as hell, but I still love you all and all of the discussions I've had on here.

So once again, let's all take the next week to give Teebs a huge thanks for all they've put together here. This is an amazing community and wouldn't have happened without their hard work and dedication.

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Hear Hear! I knew this website would be great the moment I saw the nostalgic and well done aesthetics. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this great site teebs!

Uncle Ganus McAnus
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By the https://classic.wowhead.com/item=3671/lifeless-skull of Nymis, I say ! Just tell me his realm location and I'll travel there to personally hand in my appreciation directly into his https://classic.wowhead.com/spell=6866/moss-covered-hands !! And slam it firmly using my https://classic.wowhead.com/spell=10002/big-black-mace so he never ever drops it or loses it !!!

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I gotta admit, I wasn't that hyped for Classic. I thought WoW was a bygone era in my life and that I was older and wiser and had nothing more to learn from it. But once I found this place I was entranced by the excellent craftsmanship — the ludicrous number of icons and graphics Teeb gathered to polish it, and the same fanaticism was reflected in the discussions here. I was softened and saddened, realizing that I'd been all too ready to discard part of my life, but grateful that others had kept the spirit of the game alive even after all these years.

Now my day isn't complete until I've given barrens.chat a few dozen F5's :biggrin:... Thank you teebling .

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Much love

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Great person, great website, great content and great community.
Much love from Germany!

Jon Bloodspray
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Some of you are annoying as hell, but I still love you all and all of the discussions I've had on here.

This made me actually laugh out loud at work.

Thanks for thinking of me buddy!

Thanks to teebs for all the hard work. I can't wait to see how this community evolves after launch!

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