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Horde Equivalent of Furbolg Form?  

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I'm just curious if the horde have any such equivalent to the furbolg form that alliance can get through that quest in ashenvale.

Anyone who doesn't know there is an item that is alliance exculsive called Dartol's Rod of Transformation that allows you to transform to a furbolg. This was especially cool for druid healers because it in a round about way gave them a form to use when healing.

Was just hoping there would be something somewhat similar at all for horde that wasn't nog elixir.

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Farming Deviate is easier than for Alliance, but it is not exclusive

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He's not concerned with the transformation, just the green cast animation mookey .

Use your hearthstone Justbe

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Oh, that's where they get that item lol, I always wondered how tf they keep transforming into a degenerate furry.

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