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Does anybody know? (regarding Clavicus Knavingham)

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Hi everyone!

I'm new to this site, so not sure how it's all done, so I'll just jump straight into it. I made a night elf and have moved my leveling to Stormwind because I'd like to eventually reach exalted to buy the mounts there. I've done some research but it seems its different everywhere, but my questions is, if anyone knows;

1. What level must you be to pick up the first, second, third, etc quest from Clavicus Knavingham in Stormwind?

2. Does he have a repeatable quest after you've finished the first ones? (Additional Runecloth)

3. If yes to number two, how much reputation does it give upon completion?

I apologize if this is not the place for such.

- Ano.

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Have you checked out Classic Wowhead yet? I haven't spent much time there, but they absorbed Thottbot back in the day so they have a lot of the old Thottbot content. I don't know who this NPC is, but I did find this there:

It's got a tab showing all the quests this dude offers: Requires level 12 Requires level 26 Requires level 40 Requires level 50 Also requires level 50

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