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[H - Ashkandi] Friday/Sunday

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Bad RNG | H-Ashkandi| PvE | Semi- Hardcore |Friday/Sunday Nights

A guild formed from a collection of friends that share like-minded interests in our pursuit through TBC. Classified as a Semi-Hardcore Guild (Steady, and sometimes Sweaty). Bad RNG hopes to accomplish raid content at an acceptable and reasonable pace.

Raid Times (25s)
Friday - 9PM EST-12
Sunday - 7PM EST-10PM

All exceptional players are encouraged to apply even if your class/role is not listed. The following High-Priority Roles are as followed

Ele Shaman - 1
Boomkin - 1
Hpally - 1

Bad RNG uses a transparent loot council. All core members will have access to loot prio decisions 2 weeks in advance and have the ability to voice feedback.

If interested please contact the following via discord
Sad Zuko#9856

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