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(A) Pyrewood Village age 25+ raid/social guild

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Ye Old Gits is a newly formed guild on Pyrewood Village, EU with the aim to clear PVE content in TBC with a like minded players, be them veterans, returners or new to the TBC content


Formed by 2 returners who have played the game since 2007, raided since tbc across all expansions (with the exceptions of MOP and SL) in various difficulties from normal to mythic as well as in other MMO’s, we want to create as close to the original experience within our community recognising the real life commitments that a lot of the older vets will be accustomed to: be it jobs, family, or life in general.


If you are looking to level and attune in days, and be clearing raid content immediately on release, this might not be the place for you. If however, you’re looking for a group of people to progress with at a steady pace that recognises and respects the IRL commitments alot of returning and classic players face, in a fair, friendly and mature environment, that's what we aim to achieve.


We are currently recruiting all players, both social and those with an aspect to raid, with an aim to be raiding at least 10 man content by the end of june and hopefully, grow into a friendly progressive community of gamers with an aim to clear all the PVE content TBCC has to offer within a reasonable but relaxed timeframe.


We value players over characters, and a willingness to learn and adapt over all, general raiding experience at least at normal/hc levels would be advantageous but not essential, we couldn't care less if you are a ‘booster’ or an ‘anti booster’ and only look for civil, friendly and chilled people looking to have a laugh and relive the tbc experience as closely as we are able to.


We aim to raid 2 days a week (potentially 3) with raid times from 21:00 - 23:30 ST. Wednesdays and Mondays but these could change depending on raid composition and peoples commitments.


If you’d like to help build up our community and sound like our vision could be what you're looking for, please check out our discord link h*ttps://discord.gg/u8gCP5xq

Topic starter Posted : 28/05/2021 9:54 pm
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The discord link seems to be down. Can someone of the guild contact me ingame (@Tadda). 68 Rogue verry interested in raiding with you ppl.

Posted : 26/06/2021 8:11 am
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