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[EU] [A] [Pyrewood village] One Day A Week Hardcore TBCC Raid Guild recruiting.

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Audacity A long running PvE raiding guild on Twisting Nether (EU) Retail 10 Years. Now looking to raid on Classic TBC Pyrewood Village Alliance.
We are currently recruiting players who are both motivated and dedicated to raid at a high standard. We are looking for players who want to get the most out of limited time.

Why Audacity?
Having progressed through Cutting Edge in retail we realized that a lot of time was spent in game, maxing characters and creating alts just to push bosses with 3/4 days raiding
schedules. This had a strain on day to day life and we decided that would try to reduce the “forced” feeling of playing the game every day.
Most of us have Work/Children/Relationships/Family and these are important to us. For that reason, Audacitys goals were changed.

How old is everyone?
We have people who are ages 25-50

When do you raid?
Monday 20:30 to 24:00 (Server Time)

What do you raid?
Currently we are aiming to clear all content both 10 and 25 man.

As we only raid one day a week we expect around 90 to 100% attendance to ensure we have the best setup and to increase our chanced of clearing content in the limited time we have.

Currently Recruiting
2 tanks for a second Karazhan group with and an assortment of classes DPS and healers alike.

How to Apply
Use the link to join our discord https://discord.gg/guqwbKeVNM - There is an application thread. Please fill in the application form on discord and post in back into the thread.

If you want to speak to an officer in game you can:
GM: Kapshun
Officer: Spuddles

Topic starter Posted : 29/05/2021 4:22 pm
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