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Best Paladin Macros

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Just want to share a few Macros for Big Palas, especially useful in PvP.


Holy Shock (Cursor/Target/1-St Player in Group with Shift)

#showtooltip Holy Shock
/Eq 1H Weapon with SPD NAME
/Eq Shield NAME
/Cast [@mouseover, help][help] Holy Shock
/Cast [mod:shift, target=party1] Holy Shock
/Cast Holy Shock


Holy Light (Cursor/Target/1-St Player in Group with Shift) Same thing for Flash of Light and Lay of Hands just Replace Holy Light with one of them

/Cast [@mouseover, help][help] Holy Light
/Cast [mod:shift, target=party1] Holy Light
/Cast Holy Light


Dispel (Cleanse) (Cursor/Target/1-St Player in Group with Alt, 2-Nd Player in Group with Shift)

/Cast [@mouseover, help][help] Cleanse
/Cast [mod:alt, target=party1] Cleanse
/Cast [mod:shift, target=party2] Cleanse
/Cast Cleanse


BoP (Cursor/Target/1-St Player in Group) Same thing for Freedom and Sacrifice/Salvation just Replace Hand of Protection with Hand of Freedom/Sacrifice or Salvation

/Cast [@mouseover, help][help] Hand of Protection
/Cast [target=party1, mod:shift] Hand of Protection
/Cast Hand of Protection


Absorb (Cursor/Target/1-St Player in Group with CTRL)

/Cast [@mouseover, help][help] Sacred Shield
/Cast [target=party1, mod:ctrl] Sacred Shield
/Cast Sacred Shield


Turn Evil (Cursor/Target)

/Cast [@mouseover, harm][harm] Turn Evil
/Cast Turn Evil


Repentance (Target/Focus) Use the Same Macro for Stun, just Replace Repentance with Hammer of Justice

#showtooltip Repentance
/Cast [target=focus, mod:shift] Repentance
/Cast Repentance


AA + All Judgements

/Cast [mod:shift] Judgement of Wisdom
/Cast [mod:alt] Judgement of Justice
/Cast Judgement of Light


Libram Swap (You can put 2X Libram Names You Use)

/Eq Libram of Three Truths
/Eq Wrathful Gladiator's Libram of Justice


Bubbles Cancelation

/cancelaura Divine Shield
/cancelaura Divine Intervention
/cancelaura Hand of Protection


Mount (Once u Mounted using Crusader Aura if you Dismount with this Macro it automatically changes to Retribution Aura) Instead of Charger you can add the name of any of your Mounts

#showtooltip Charger
/Cast [nocombat, nomounted] !Crusader Aura; [mounted] !Retribution Aura;
/Cast [nocombat, nomounted] [I][B]Charger;


Ressurection (Stop Cast if Target is Alive)

/cast Redemption
/stopmacro [nohelp,nodead]
/gr Resurrecting %t.


Hope you found something useful for yourself. Also, leave your personal macros in the comments below, it will be interesting to check them out.

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