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Druid question

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Hi all, new here. I'm level 24, so the tiger's fury gets me like a 40% ish damage buff for 6 seconds ( the spell gives 10 bonus damage ). Is it a good thing to spam every 6 seconds? or is it just better to rake up the combos and use rip?

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Topic starter Posted : 07/12/2020 6:52 pm
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Unfortunately tiger's fury just doesn't last long enough to be worthwhile. It is 99% something you should never cast because the standard shred to 5 combos then ferocious bite will always do you better. There is only one edge case making it sort of ok and that's right at the start of fights where you can pre pop it, knowing with an energy ticker that you will be refunded the energy at the start to be able to make it worth it.

Posted : 07/12/2020 7:24 pm
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