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Summary: This guide is intended to be for New Players to classic and a Refresher for old or returning players. Along with a little detail on some more advance stuff. This is not a Gear Guide, if you are looking for that then refer here: Jamesb 19 Gear Guide. Here I Will try to break down everything possible from Knowing each spell/ability in the 19 Bracket to even break down some theoretical situations you might find yourself getting into come Classic!


Knowing The Spells: Knowing each spell and ability along with their respective cool-downs can be very important in decision making in classic. So for this part of the guide, I will add all IMPORTANT Spells that can be learned up to level 18 and a brief description and/or tip about the spell/ability.

Druid: -
Bear Form, sadly will be our only shapeshift ability we will be able to use at Lv 19 in WSG.
''Shapeshift into a bear, increasing melee attack power by 30, armor contribution from items by 180%, and health by 20. The act of shapeshifting frees the caster of Polymorph and Movement Impairing effects.''

- When FC'ing the majority the time you will want to stick in Bear Form especially while moving and rotating, so you don't get Sapped by Rogues waiting in Connector(Balcony Room) etc.

- It's important to not fret under pressure and waste Mana constantly shape-shifting, scenario = The lesser skilled Hunters will anticipate you to shift, causing them to spam Wing Clips constantly. Paying attention too stuff like this can help you save mana while burning theirs.

Enrage ''Generates 20 rage over 10 sec, but reduces base armor by 27% in Bear Form and 16% in Dire Bear Form. The druid is considered in combat for the duration.''

- Generally you would want too use this when not being attacked/no one is on your tail as it reduces your armor by quite a bit. So you would want too anticipate when you will collide with an enemy and bash them on time before losing your rage. Or to build up rage for a demoralizing roar to try and find a stealth'd rogue.
( There is Macros you can use that will cancel your Enrage, if you only need to use it to gain enough rage for a bash/+ roar then cancel quickly if enemy's are on you )

' Demoralizing Roar''The druid roars, decreasing nearby enemies' melee attack power by 30. Lasts 30 sec.'' + Bash ''Instant Stuns the target for 2 sec.''

- Two very useful spells, while FC'ing. Roar is self explanatory, will help cripple Rogues and other melees. Always use this when melee is on you. You can also use Demoralizing Roar to scope out Rogues outta stealth. IE, Your holding flag roof, Enrage > Roar the ramp up roof or trees to find a sneaky rogue lurking.

- For Bash it depends on the scenario, but if you have to prioritize who to bash out of a warrior vs rogue then Bash the Warrior as this will buy you time to get out of range of hamstring and keep them in combat with a faerie fire. While getting the rogue off you a Natures Grasp! And when on offense Bashing the EFC's Healers will help separate distance from their FC and Healer. Making the kill potentially more easier.

''Entangling Roots Rank 2 65 mana 30 yd range 1.5 sec cast Roots the target in place and causes 50 Nature damage over 15 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Only useable outdoors.'' + '' Nature's Grasp Rank 2 65 mana Instant While active, any time an enemy strikes the caster they have a 35% chance to become afflicted by Entangling Roots (Rank 2). Only useable outdoors. 1 charge. Lasts 45 sec. ''

- For Roots, while FC'ing you will want too prioritize Range DD(Hunter/Casters). As you can get melee of you with Nature's Grasp/Bash/Jumps and Jukes/Stomp (If Tauren). When On Offense you want to Root Enemy's CC Classes and Healers(Though Priests Will be able to dispel it still will get you some distance separated from their FC and Healer) This is the second time I mention about distance for a FC and Healer this is because this is important in Classic as their isn't no ''Stacks'' in Classic too rely on just bursting down a EFC. You can't ignore the healers in classic unless you are watching their mana.

- Always cast a second root after the first one immediately on Gnomes due too Escape Artist ''Escape the effects of any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect. 1 sec cast. 1 min cooldown.''

- Nature's Grasp, I already mention some ways to use it already, just a tip is to always spec into Improved Nature's Grasp for 100% chance of R1 ERoots and for when shifting out of Bear Form to move towards a flag pass outside is too pop Nature's Grasp just in the very small chance there is a rogue near by.

Other Druid Spells:
''Faerie Fire Rank 1. 55 mana 30 yd range Instant Decrease the armor of the target by 175 for 40 sec. While affected, the target cannot stealth or turn invisible.''

This is something you will want too spam, and make sure its always up on targets / main focuses. You can run a Macro that allows you to not waste mana on a target if they are already effected by faerie fire.

Faerie Fire > Moonfire, really only time you want to Spam/Use Moonfire is just for a extra DoT or help finish off low health enemy flag carrier making out of your base.
Edit: Moonfire is great for saving mana and spell pushback at Warlocks and keeping Warriors in combat. Though in situations it might be better to faerie fire if you have a Mage around who can sheep.

Your Healing Spells are

No explanation needed really on these, Carry a +55 Healing Staff to switch off to for Fat Rejuv's. Also if you get the call to go stand on Cap from your teammate, toss a regrowth + rejuv up then wait in bear form on cap.

- R2 Healing Touch is useful to save mana and heal up yourself or targets who are not being targeted and only need a small heal. Also useful for when nearly OOM and need a quicker cast heal when holding for cap.

Hibernate ''90 mana 30 yd range 1.5 sec cast Forces the enemy target to sleep for up to 20 sec. Any damage will awaken the target. Only one target can be forced to hibernate at a time. Only works on Beasts and Dragonkin.''

- Put Hunter's Pets too sleep, ALSO works on enemy Druids in BEAR FORM! Very useful, especially vs opposing Druid FC's.

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Hunter: +
Multi-Shot + Arcane Shot

- Your main output source for damage besides your good ole Auto Shots. Remember too be careful though when firing off the Multi-Shot too not break any of your teammate's Saps or Sheeps etc. Also don't be afraid too just use Multi-Shot on a Single Target!

- Arcane Shot is great, though a little pricey in terms of mana (35) for how minor amount of damage it does do. Arcane Shot ignores target's armor thanks for it being Arcane damage. Making this great to use vs Paladin/Warrior IE Classes with high Armor!
(Having a mouse-over macro for Arcane Shot is a huge help+)

''Concussive Shot 8% of base mana 35 yd range instant cast 12 sec cooldown Dazes the target, slowing movement speed by 50% for 4 sec.''

- Like the Arcane Shot, you should also have a mouse-over macro for Concussive Shot as well.
- Concussive shot is very useful in situations where you are trying to gain separation from Range Damage Dealers from your Flag Carrier crossing too/with the flag. Though in situations where you have Melee on your FC you will want to prioritize concussing the melee and Wing Clipping the Ranged DD.

''Wing Clip Rank 1 40 mana 5 yd range Instant Inflicts 5 damage and reduces the enemy target's movement speed by 50% for 10 sec.'' + ''Scare Beast Rank 1 35 mana 10 yd range 1.5 sec cast Scares a beast, causing it to run in fear for up to 10 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Only one beast can be feared at a time.''

- Don't need to say much on Wing Clip, besides that you should be using it on everyone in melee range / comes across your path. Though depending on what Spec you run, I highly suggest putting points in both Imp Conc + Imp WC. As Imp WC will give a chance to immobilize the target for 5 seconds!

- Scare Beat like Druid's Hibernate can be used on Bear Form druids making it great too keep say a EFC Druid feared while you team move towards for the kill. Using these too together on a EFC Druid forcing them too shape shift into Bear for a Fear. < It Rhymes.

(Also for the love of god, ''time'' a jump when placing a trap so you avoid that long planting a trap animation.)

Tracking = Humanoids + Beast, Most time keep humanoids up less you want find a Druid FC in bear forms path/exit. Or if they are hiding and your pet is having trouble finding them.

Hunter's Mark - This increases your Range AP vs target but more importantly it keeps enemy rogues visible when in stealth. A tip is before gates open check if enemy team has any rogues and copy pasta (/tar NAMEHERE) So you can get a quick Hunter's Mark before they stealth coming Mid.

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That Clears up the key hunter spells, for a great guide on basically everything you need too know about twinking hunter in classic can be found here, SamHain 19 Hunter Guide

''Frostbolt Rank 1 25 mana 30 yd range 1.5 sec cast Launches a bolt of frost at the enemy, causing 18 to 21 Frost damage and slowing movement speed by 40% for 5 sec.''

- Rank 1 is Superior than >2 and 3. All you get from rank 2/3 is an extra second on the slow but for the cost of 10 to Twice as much mana for R3. Along with that a longer cast time that you do not want!. R 1 Frostbolts will allow you too be able to Spam them on Targets making them easier too kite. (Speccing into IMP Frost Bolt will bring your R1 cast time all way down to just 1 Second!)

''Frost Nova Rank 1 55 mana Instant Blasts enemies near the caster for 19 to 22 Frost damage and freezes them in place for up to 8 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect.''

- Amazing Crowd Control, Should only be used in situations where few enemy's are stacked together. Unless 1v1 or 1V2 Scenarios. IE Nova 2 > Distance > Sheep 1 > R1 FB Other and Kite.

- A Scenario of a good Nova would be waiting outside your respective tunnel, knowing a EFC + Enemy Team is exiting Tunnel you can get a crucial nova helping buy time for your team to rotate or gain separation from EFC + Their Support making the kill easier for your team.

'Polymorph Rank 1 60 mana 30 yd range 1.5 sec cast Transforms the enemy into a sheep, forcing it to wander around for up to 20 sec. While wandering, the sheep cannot attack or cast spells but will regenerate very quickly. Any damage will transform the target back into its normal form. Only one target can be polymorphed at a time. Only works on Beasts, Humanoids and Critters.''

- If you're in Voice, notify your team on the target you are Sheeping so they avoid DoTing/Damaging it and breaking the Sheep!

- In Mid Fights or On offense majority time you will be looking to sheep a Priest, making it easier to win the Mid Fight or getting a Kill on the EFC. (DO NOT SHEEP LOW MANA PRIESTS THOUGH AS THESE WILL GIVE THEM REGEN) Sheeping opposing mages is also a good idea.

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''Blessing of Freedom 10% of base mana 30 yd range Instant 20 sec cooldown Places a Blessing on the friendly target, granting immunity to movement impairing effects for 10 sec. Players may only have one Blessing on them per Paladin at any one time.''

- One of the strongest spells in the 19 bracket, if used right. In Terms of FC'ing you want to keep it up constantly while in combat or anticipating combat beforehand.
- When Supporting your FC you will want to do the same unless you are kiting enemy Offensive team than you will want to use it on those behind the pack. IE Priest or Mage/Hunt kiting.

- When on offense, you will want to keep this up on your mostly melee/high dps. Giving freedom to a good rogue can make them a huge threat likewise with giving it too either a shaman or warrior.

''Lay on Hands Rank 1 40 yd range Instant Heals a friendly target for an amount equal to the Paladin's maximum health. Drains all of the Paladin's remaining mana when used.''

- Another very strong Paladin Spell, but very long Cooldown. You want to save this on your FC/Yourself if FC'ing majority of the time. Though can be give a swing the game by being used on Offense by using it on a Healer or DD finishing up a Enemy FC. (Also don't be scared using this too early or before/during the first Cap! There is no time limit in WSG So sometimes you be able to find yourself using this Twice in a BG)

Other spells are all pretty self explanatory or you won't really find yourself using much or at all.
Though a few tips on some is, Blessing Of Protection can be used to shield yourself when FC'ing but it Drops the Flag so you must immediately pick the flag back UNLESS there is no threats to return the flag than you got enough time too pull off a bandage Smile
Hammer Of Justice You want to prioritize Stunning Healers to make them lose distance from their FC/Team or Warlocks or any melee stuck on you're FC. Be weary of stunning Orcs over other enemy's has Orc have a 25% Stun Resist !

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''Dispel Magic Rank 1 18% of base mana 30 yd range Instant Dispels magic on the target, removing 1 harmful spell from a friend or 1 beneficial spell from an enemy.''

- This is one of your best spells as a priest, you want to use this frequently and be quick with it. Novas/Fears/Polys/Lock Dots etc to be removed from your teammates. As well has removing Buffs from the enemy's. Scenarios where you are pushing in a EFC and your DD get's Nova'd you want too dispel their novas quickly so they can stay in distance of the Enemy Flag Carrier.

''Psychic Scream Rank 1 100 mana Instant The caster lets out a psychic scream, causing 2 enemies within 8 yards to flee for 8 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect.''

- Some might just think this is used for getting enemy's/melee off you but this can be used in a much more strategic way, you want to use this impending a Flag Pass from opposing team for a possible sneaky return or waiting to cut a EFC + Their support from rotating cleanly and causing enough time for your enemy team to connect on the EFC.
-Also if your FC is in danger/has Melee DD on him don't be scared too move in range and get a fear off!

Scenario would be EFC is Roof Holding flag with a Priest + Mage, waiting down below Balcony for a EFC to drop below while you got your offensive team pushing up will give them just the right amount of time to connect on the EFC for a potential kill.

''Hex of Weakness Rank 1 35 mana 30 yd range Instant Weakens the target enemy, reducing damage caused by 2 and reducing the effectiveness of any healing by 20%. Lasts 120 sec.''

- This is the last Spell for priest I will over in small detail. This is a Spell only that be learned by Troll* Priest. Therefore not many new players Will be familiar with it.
- On Defense you want too try and always keep this up on the opposing teams Offense, and the Enemy's Flag Carrier. If you have a UD and a Troll priest on your team you will most likely want to send the Troll Priest on Offense and keep HoW on the EFC always. Having the UD Priest on Defense is more beneficiary due too Will of The Forsaken (''immunity to Charm, Fear and Sleep while active. May also be used while already afflicted by Charm, Fear or Sleep. Lasts 5 sec.''). Though in some games it might be better too have a Troll Priest on defense vs teams lacking priest/dispel and heavy on Melee classes.

SamHain 19 Priest Guide Another class guide written by same person, very detailed just like his other guide!

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''Sap Incapacitates the target for up to 25 sec. Must be stealthed. Only works on Humanoids that are not in combat. Any damage caused will revive the target. Only 1 target may be sapped at a time.''

- Being able to make someone useless for up to 25 seconds can cause a swing in the game, Sap is used best to take out key players out of a fight, IE Healers or their CC. A Good rogue will also will try and get a Sap on the EFC attempting to cross the field.

- If you are near the enemy's GY try to get a Sap on a person resurrecting to help contain GY a little.
Edit: - If FC'ing, you are able to drop flag > stealth > and sap then pick the back up. Now this does take a little practice/timing. But something nice to know if playing a rogue or even vs a Rogue to be prepared for when you see they drop the flag as you approach them. (Most common spot for a rogue attempting this would be on Roof as you see a single enemy approaching up banana to roof.)

- If you are resurrecting and find your Flag Carrier running flag for a cap and is near base! Then it is a good idea to rotate to your Flag Room to try and get a sap on any incoming enemy's trying to pick flag

''Kick, A quick kick that injures a single foe for 15 damage. It also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 5 sec.''

- Most the time you will be wanting to use this on Healers to give your team a short advantage while trying to focus down a target. On the defense side this can be useful against dangerous crucial incoming spells to your FC or Healers, IE Sheeps/Fears etc.

''Sprint Rank 1 Instant Increases the rogue's movement speed by 50% for 15 sec. Does not break stealth.''

- As a Rogue you want to save this for running flags to your Flag Carrier or even taking Flag from your Flag Carrier and Sprint to Cap. If you are on the opposing team you want to try and keep track of when a Rogue has Burned their sprint.

- If the Enemy Team is Turtling Flag Room, A combination of a Paladins Freedom + Your Sprint is almost a sure way of always getting it out of their base. ( This is why on the Opposing team you should keep track of a Rogues Sprin )

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''Purge Rank 1 10% of base mana 30 yd range Instant Purges the enemy target, removing 1 magic effect.''

- Like Priests Dispel, you should be using yours regularly causing enemy's too loose any buffs. Shaman's can nearly cripple Paladin Flag Carriers thanks to this. You want too adjust too the game on how you / your team uses you in the BG's. If Enemy FC is not a Paladin and they have a Paladin on Offense you will want too stick Defense to Purge BoF on their Damage Dealers ideally.

- Facing Shamans you will want to try your best too keep them CC'd, and if they are a good Shaman and Purging your Buffs just stop applying them and save your mana till Shaman is dealt with.

''Earth Shock Rank 3 85 mana 20 yd range Instant Instantly shocks the target with concussive force, causing 60 to 65 Nature damage. It also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 2 sec. Causes a high amount of threat.''

- You want to save this and prioritize it vs Healers specifically, don't use it to try and put out DPS its a waste when you got Flame Shock instead.
- If you are in voice calling out that you/are interrupting a healer to your team can give them the heads up to put out more DPS.

''Tremor Totem 60 mana Instant Tools: Earth Totem Summons a Tremor Totem with 5 health at the feet of the caster that shakes the ground around it, removing Fear, Charm and Sleep effects from party members within 30 yards. Lasts 120 sec.''

- Somewhat self explanatory, scenarios of getting a good use with Tremor would be vs Warlocks breaking their fear when they cast it. Tremor Totem counts has a interrupt allowing you to drop it on teammates already Feared.
- Tremor can also be used to break Sleeps so can be used to break a Druid Hibernate on Pet or your Druid FC in bear form.

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''Fear Rank 1 15% of base mana 20 yd range 1.5 sec cast Strikes fear in the enemy, causing it to run in fear for up to 10 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Only 1 target can be feared at a time.''

- Warlocks CC, that allows them too be a powerhouse if used correctly on Offense. Most the time you will want to find yourself fearing the EFC while trying to kill the healer/support with your team. Then turn your attention to the EFC.

- In Team Fights you will want too fear the healers, Shamans>Priest>Mage/Pally. Shamans because of Tremor Totem and because Priests should be in Sheep by your Teams Mage or Killed.
(Also quick for getting rid of Rogues)

''Corruption Rank 2 55 mana 30 yd range 2 sec cast Corrupts the target, causing 90 Shadow damage over 15 sec.'' + ''Curse of Weakness Rank 2 35 mana 30 yd range Instant Damage caused by the target is reduced by 6 for 120 sec. Only one Curse per Warlock can be active on any one target.''

- Corruption will be the spell Locks will be casting the most, as a warlock this is going to be your main source of damage, a small tip would be to spam your Tab Button (Tar Nearest Enemy) and keeping this up on them. (VS Warlocks try your best and dispel there Corruption/Curse of Agony and other DoTs quickly as this will save you mana from having too heal bigger amounts)

- Curse Of Weakness Keep this up on Rogues/Warriors/Paladins also useful VS Hunter Pets. Also using this on Rogues in team fights frees up your use of Fear on a Healer instead and relying on your Teams CC to handle the weaken rogue.

Regarding some other spells, Minor Recomb > HealthStone (They Share same CD). Always Soulstone the Healer. preferably the Healer on Offense.

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''Instant Maims the enemy, causing 5 damage and slowing the enemy's movement by 40% for 15 sec.''

- Hamstring, This is what a good warrior should always be using, its your main ability. VS Warriors this is main reason why you always want too try and keep them in combat to stop a Charge+Hamstring.
- Also a good way to proc Weapon Enchant.

'' Shield Bash, Instant Bashes the target with your shield for 6 damage. It also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 6 sec.''

- Another underrated spell not used correctly by most Warriors, with some practice on swapping from 2H to One Hand + Shield at the right moments. Scenarios in mid team fights / crossing mid with your team you will want to have One H + Shield for stopping any CC Casts or Important Heals.

Sunder Armor is Another Warrior Spell that you should be stacking on EFCs ALWAYS! and in 1V1 Scenarios. A Warriors Charge is something you also should watch out for playing vs Warriors. Especially if you are Top Of Tunnel / Your Graveyard a Warrior will be able to Charge up from below up Hills. So keeping your distance as a FC vs Warriors on the ground is Important but can be solved with keeping them in combat ie DoTs etc.

All Warrior Spells Filter list for <19


Now that you are more familiar with majority of the 'Important Spells' of each Class you will now have a better understanding of what classes can dish out what and what too expect. Will also help you understand some of the strategy's and tactics I will discuss in this guide.

Communication: Communication wins Games, simple. A BG with 7 Twinks can lose vs a Team with Only 3 Twinks in Classic if they are communicating well. I will go over Communication well Solo Q'ing / (Pugs) with no Voice + Communication In Premade games 10 V 10 Twinks.

Warsong Map + Call-out Names: you will need to know this.
Solo Q: First Suggestion I have is to have a /BG (Callout) macro for EFC positions. So such as ''/bg EFC IS EAST SIDE!!!'' To avoid Confusion you should always call East, East. And Specify EFC Ramp or Your Ramp etc.

- Calling out stuff like Rogues on Enemy team coming Offense towards your FC or big Incoming's to your Tunnel can help buy your FC just enough time to rotate to Safety, If you see something you need to call it out in chat.

- While Solo Q'ing you want to try to get you and your team to adjust vs the Enemy's Team, Like I mentioned earlier in the guide about Shamans and their Purge being a good weapon to take down Paladin FC's. If you have a Shaman on D Supporting your FC and struggling to kill the Paladin FC you should ask the Shaman to please come offense and if the Enemy team is pressuring get someone else to help sit D with your FC.

- Always keep tabs on your FC and their Health. It will give you the heads up on if you and your team need to Pressure EFC faster and get them out of Cap Position for potential return or if you are resurrecting go help clear the incoming on your flag carrier. Telling Rezzers to help FC in chat also is a good way on notifying your team that they need to go help your FC as soon as they resurrect!

- Always keep a positive mindset, even if you are frustrated with someone on your team just avoid from arguing and focus on winning.
Premades Voice Communication: If you got a mic use it, don't be scared to speak up / make call outs or call out incoming / enemy players positioning. general misconception lot of premade teams have is that only 1-2 People should ever be talking. That should only be the case for team fights where you have a Shot Caller call out targets and what the next move is.

- If new and not familiar with each other voices, be sure too call out your name or class. Getting Polymorph'd and Yelling out ''I'm Sheep'' is not gonna do no one no good if they don't know who to target quickly and use a Minor Recombobulator if you are in range.

- Always listen to the Call Leaders orders and rotate accordingly and quickly, Lots of games are determined by which team rotates faster and gets the better positioning.

- If your Flag Carrier is in danger and potentially going to die you will want to have them drop the flag on purpose for an early Repick before the EFC can go cap. Also be weary of calling out ''CAP'' on the first return attempt vs a Paladin as they usually will have LoH's so let your Flag Carrier know that Paladin potentially has LoH and to wait before positioning for a cap!
- Call out a EFC's path beforehand, so is Roof as your team is pushing up Roof call out that he is Balcony or Heading to Fence/Graveyard. If he doesn't jump just let your team know he is still Roof. Calling out EFC position before he goes there will give time for a teammate to cut off his route.

- Have your mages call out Sheeps in advance, call out OOM Priests, if you see a target is Low especially in a team fight and no one is calling it out, then you call it out!

- One thing I can't stress enough to is too never Complain and Whine! Always keeps a positive mindset even if down 2-0 the game is never over. Crying will only set the mood down of others on your team.

- If using Discord raise the volume for whoever is ''Call Leaders'' voice up on discord so you can hear better and hear them over others if people are talking over each other.


Warsong Strategy: Sadly Strategy depends on enemy team comp and yours. But I will break down some Tactics and Scenarios.

First is each classes role in the battleground.
Druids: Usually is the Flag Carrier, though Resto Druids are viable. Resto Druids shine best vs comps with lots of Warrior/Rogues and Hunters. Being able keep warrior and rogues in combat and out of stealth with just a faerie fire is a big + along with their ability to Root and keep you CC'd. Taking out a potential threat in a fight for a slight period.

Hunter: Hunter's most of the time should be one of the most Vocal in Voice/Chat. As they see majority of where everything is coming thanks to their Tracking Humanoids. Hunters are mostly on Offense for sole purpose of Tracking and knowing exact EFC Location to not waste any time. But sticking a Hunter vs certain comps on defense is also acceptable as they can call out the incoming's to your FC and let know your FC is a Rogue etc is waiting in Balcony Room and what not.

Mage: Most of the time even if running 1 Mage in your Premade you will want one always on defense. A FC + Priest + Mage is usually the standard defense Comp in Classic. Sometimes with a 4th class on D. As a Mage your job is to keep everything that isn't CC'd with R1 Frostbolts and Polymorph Threats/Healers. Mages are great at making sure your FC gets across mid/to flag safely.

Paladins: Depending if Flag Carrying or not, you will want to make sure you are keeping Blessing Of Freedom up on your Flag Carrier! Paladins also have 2 Buffs Blessing Of Might and Blessing Of Wisdom Keep BoP on Rogues/Warriors and Hunters Pets! Then ideally you will want to BoW everything else. Stun Healers/EFC.

Priest: Besides your duties of Healing, you should also Shadow Word: Pain Rogues and Night Elf's from Stealth. Also great for stopping warrior's from charging by putting them into combat. R1 Heal will be your best healing spell. Use Renews on damage allies while kiting. Don't waste your Mana healing people who are OOM.

Rogue: Rogues make good Flag Retrievers, your most likely will always be on Offense keeping the pressure on the EFC Less you are resurrecting and rotating to help your FC. In mid fights you will want to get on the Healer/Casters and take advantage of your High DPS + ''Kick''. If you not going up roof to try to get a Sap on the Healer then you should be waiting below balcony or Connector Room for potential Gouge or Sap on the EFC/Support.

Shaman: Besides being a PurgeBot, Shamans have some strong heals depending on gear choice and Enchants. Shamans are a very versatile class but for the standard Support Shaman. Earthbind Totem in classic unfortunately is always summoned on the casters feet, thus making you have to place more strategic ideally few yards away from your FC or While kiting with enemy's behind approaching. Earth Shock Healers and call it out in Voice.

Warlock: Always Soulstone the Healer that is going on Offense! Knowing when to have an Imp vs Voidwalker out, At Start of the game the Imp is great for a boost in DPS and a Nice Stamina Buff in the opening Mid Team Fight / Engage. Though the Voidwalker is more useful in most salutation's thanks to it being tanky and the pushback it causes on Casters. Also the ability to Sacrifice your VW for a shield could be the difference maker in you getting a Flag Return for you team. Also DoT Rogues from stealth!

Warrior: You will be on offense majority of the game, hamstringing support/EFC. Warriors are great at cutting off EFC routes as well. So say in a scenario where EFC runs out of Connector to GY to TOT if your team has enough Pressure they can force him Tunnel where you can then cut Tunnel from Enemy Flag Room almost most of the time locking in a Kill + Flag Return. Vs Rogues keep your 1H Shield equipped and vs Casters less Low health!.

Strategy Tactics

At the Start of the game you will want either give Boots in tunnel to a Lock or Hunter to take Berserk Hut. Ideally you will want to have your team block off the side of the field that your Ramp is on making it harder for the opposing team to go up your tunnel or ramp for a flag Pick. While having either your FC + Priest/Mage ( I prefer Mage ) They can Sheep a Hunter/Threat and R1 FB anyone one else trying to interfere with your FC crossing safely. on the opposing side of the Mid Fight. Sometimes it's also wise to keep your FC stay in the Mid Fight for Extra Heals and/or Roots (If Druid), and having your Rogue Solo Pick Flag by crossing in stealth. This is assuming they have their full 10 out in Mid and not sticking anyone back in Flag Room.

Securing flag first also is always main priority, you will want to send your support team towards whoever is picking on your team when they are close to picking flag. The faster you Rotate the Better. You can have your Offensive team holding Mid, if someone crosses and is going for your Flag it is best to hold Mid, kill GY Rezzers then Stack with your Support/FC and try to get the easy return while EFC is trying to Cross Midfield. If you can't get the Kill just be sure to have your Support team moving back to your FC and setting up on Defense and Have your Offense preferably push up towards E-Ramp before the EFC and is Support sets up on D.

in a Flag vs Flag scenario, where both teams are trying to return each-others flags. In Premades you will want 4 Support Team(FC Included) and 6 on Offense.

Support team can look like - Druid FC,Mage,Priest,Hunter and Offense - Priest,Rogue,Warlock,Shaman,Warrior,Mage

Support Team sets up Roof, having the Mage + Hunter with aid of Roots from Druid make it very hard for the Enemy's Offensive team to push up to your Roof especially if they have possibly 1 or 2 waiting Balc/Connector! Mage Kites/CC's. Hunter is great for tracking and telling your FC which path is clear and Who and How much is incoming so they know when to rotate on time. Priest Dispel and Heals simple.

Offense Team you can't just rely on trying to nuke a EFC that is already setup with their support. You need to disrupt their Defense and try to get their support to lose their flag carrier making it easier for your Offense Team to connect on the EFC. With your Class comp, having a Warlock Fear or Warriors Hamstring or Mages Sheep can get you the separation between the EFC and their Support for the Kill. in Scenarios where EFC is set up roof you will want your Rogue to be Balcony or Connector for the Sap/Gouge as your team pushes them off Roof.

A nice tip too is if you ever get the flag return, send 1 or 2 back (or just a rogue) and get the Sap on their rezzing Flag Carrier and have someone else run the next Flag.

Sometimes you might want to find yourself having your Flag Carrier push Offense with your Support team to get the flag return in games that tend to drag out where each team is just lacking a bit of more offense. This can be effective if done right, as you can exit your base and push offense with the enemy team spending a bit of time trying to find you in your base to find out you are already inside their base and pressuring EFC for a return.

Now in scenarios like this when returning to your base with a full team Escort you will want to stick anyone Resurrecting on your team to go and hold Flag Room to stop anyone on their Offense coming for you from turning back and repick your Flag. And if they do repick being able to call out their path for an easy Kill.
Turtle Breaker: A common counter to when the opposing team "turtles" (that is, they put 4+ team members on defense in the flag room), it is, most notably, the easiest effective (note the word "effective") offensive strategy. The idea is this- take at least two people (favorite combos include a Rogue or Feral Druid) up the ramp and onto the second floor of the enemy base. Let one of them jump down, catch the flag, and run. 90% of the time, all of the defense will go after the first guy, and 90% of the time he'll die (which is planned!). The second guy jumps down, waits for the flag to return, grabs it, and runs down the other exit (preferred to have the first person head to the graveyard, so the second has a possibility of getting the speed boost)

This is something else you will experience more so in Solo Q then standard Premades. Always discuss who is gonna pick flag and be the death fodder and who is gonna actually run flag. Druid to pick flag first and kite out to connector / EGY and die is more ideally has you can shape shift out of movement slows which can cause a rogue even with sprint in trouble. Then having the Rogue Repick the flag and going tunnel for potential boots + Sprint cross to mid to pass the flag back to your FC Druid who just died.

This clears up majority of the 'standard' scenarios and situations you will meet in 19 bracket in classic. Lot has to do with Communication and Adjusting and that is something you will always need to remember. Which is the beautiful thing about 19's in classic is the balance and that really either team can win its just whoever works better together and plays their roles to the fullest and correctly.


19 Twink Resources:
First Aid To 225 p">Hunter Pet Abilities
''Doodlebeans'' Jump Video
''Classic Addon's (Beta)
'teebling' 19 Rogue Guide
Doodlebeans 2nd Jump Video
Classic Twinking Discord

*Note we are unsure what jumps we will be able to perform come Classic Launch, this still covers lots of the basic ones you will be able to do.

Edit: Regarding Jump Video it is confirmed majority of those jumps do work in the Classic Beta/ Will work in Classic! Also regarding Medicine Pouch, you will not be able to use it's effect as a 19 twink due it having a level req for use it, though you can still equip it for +10 Stamina making it best O/H still for some classes like Druids.

Source: 8"> https//

This covers everything for this 'guide', intent of this was to give new players coming into Classic 19's a good understanding of what to expect. And somewhat of a refresher for returning players along with maybe some new tips or stuff you didn't thought of or ever crossed your mind.

Any questions you'd like to ask or possibly something I missed that you think is important and I should add please let me know!


~ Senor Bowner

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Wow this is sick! Thanks so much for the contribution. Great amount of detail here and obviously a lot of first hand knowledge. Is this your own work?

Would be even more usable if URLs were used (doing this auto creates tooltips on this website).

Posted : 21/05/2019 7:49 am
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Wow this is sick! Thanks so much for the contribution. Great amount of detail here and obviously a lot of first hand knowledge. Is this your own work?

Would be even more usable if URLs were used (doing this auto creates tooltips on this website).
Yup my own work, and aye exactly it is lot of first hand knowledge. Originally wrote the Guide for XPoff twinking forums but decided to also share here ! Didn't know about classic.wowhead urls, so if I replace the vanillawowdb URLS for spells etc will show tooltip here that's sweet. Will look into it when I got time. I will continue to edit the guide with stuff I may of forgot or members from my 19 guild think I missed out on. Ofc if anyone here thinks I missed something let me know.

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Oh hey thought it looked familiar!

I used to be on XPoff last year but they wouldn't even let me have a signature banner or any links to this site whatsoever, so I kind of stopped going there. Lovely place though and a goldmine of twink info.

Yeah if you replace them with the wowhead URLs the tooltips are made automatically.

I've added this to the big list of resources page as well.

Posted : 21/05/2019 2:25 pm
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Oh hey thought it looked familiar!

I used to be on XPoff last year but they wouldn't even let me have a signature banner or any links to this site whatsoever, so I kind of stopped going there. Lovely place though and a goldmine of twink info.

Yeah if you replace them with the wowhead URLs the tooltips are made automatically.

I've added this to the big list of resources page as well.
Yeah they tend to be to competitive, they really like to be the only ''main hub'' for Twinking. And awesome thank you Smile
Def look forward to seeing what you have planned with this site/forum. Def lots of potential, would love to see its only section for Twinking since everything here is Classic Related. Got a nice twink community behind me that will def support/contribute in terms of guides resources etc.

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Added a Consumable list, and edited some grammar and BBcode errors + Added more info on Rogue / Sap. Smile

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really great work

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In regards to the jump video I linked in the Resource of this guide. ''*Note we are unsure what jumps we will be able to perform come Classic Launch, this still covers lots of the basic ones you will be able to do.''

With release on Warsong in Beta and watching several streams and clips from people I know I can confirm majority of those jumps ACTUALLY will work in Classic + possibly a few new ones. Ally Fence :O

Credit to Bonafide for the clips

Check him out on Twitch

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Second jump video made by guild m8 Doodlebeans. Will be adding some stuff to about advantage's of fake dropping flag with rogue's not near, into tricking EFC to potentially jump off Eroof to Cap allowing team to Nuke and knowing when your gonna die / limitations and to drop flag early for the early repick.

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