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[A - Westfall] Smoke Time | Steady Progression | Tues & Thurs 8 PM EST

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Smoke Time is a semi-casual guild looking for new members that want an enjoyable experience, but still progress at a good pace. While we have listed below specific roles we are currently in need of, we are always looking for new members and anyone wanting to join us for a good time is more than welcome.

If anyone is looking for a guild to just socialize with while they play, they are also more than welcome to join, just message a member in-game for an invite and the discord link will be in the guild information tab.


Raid Progression

        Phase 1: Fully Cleared

        Phase 2: 10/10
            SSC: 6/6
            TK: 4/4


Raid Schedule

        Tuesday & Thursday- 8PM EST
            *Only Phase 2 25-Mans Currently


Loot Distribution

        Soft-Reservation - Raid members reserve items prior to the raid starting and when there items drop they roll on it with anyone else who reserved it. We do occasionally guild reserve items for specific people but this is very rare.


Role Openings

        Currently no specifics



        James#2052 - Guild Master
        Huntoorc#0210 - Recruiter

*You can message any member in-game for an invite but if you have questions feel free to use the contacts provided.

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