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<Yikes> | Horde | Raid Fri-Sat 6:30-10am EST


<Yikes> is an Australian based guild, in the process of building a flexible 25man raiding team for progression in TBC. We want to assemble a choice group of people that can handle everything future content has to throw at us. We have a strong, friendly raider core willing to help catch people up in their attunements and gear as long as those individuals can carry their weight in a group.


We plan on Utilizing a Loot Council system with decision making augmented by information on raiders.


- 85% attendance for core raid team members
- Download and update all required addons BEFORE raid
- Players should be competitive and have knowledge of their entire class, not just their spec.
- Come to raid prepared (ful consumes, enchanted, repaired, knowledge of all the fights in the given raids we’re tackling)
- Willingness to take constructive feedback and work to improve performance
- Be on time


Recruitment Needs

Our focus is mainly on finding competitive and consistent players who want to clear content but we’d particularly love to find some healers for our team. Do reach out to us if this post strikes something with you though!


In Game: Orobas or Erla

Discord: Meduzan#2632

Topic starter Posted : 30/06/2021 12:27 am
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