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[EU][Gehennas] - LVL 60 Raids

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I’m lvl 60 soon on the server Gehennas and am currently looking for a guild.
I would like to run the wow classic endgame content raids for 60s (for example MC), but can’t find a guild that is still interested in any pre-tbc raids.

If there is any guild which still does classic raids, or has enough members who are willing to run a few lvl 60 raids, i would love to join that guild.

Or if there are any players who also wanna experience the endgame content of pre-tbc before progressing to lvl on, feel free to contact me, maybe we can form a guild of our own.

If you wanna contact me in-game:

Server: Gehennas

Faction: Horde

Name: Razzur

Kind regards,

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