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What music will you listen to?

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I am working on a Lo-Fi Playlist @Spotify for release. In my test stream the Viewer stayed cause of my chill music!
If you wanna take a look @ my Playlist:

Feel free to follow Smile

That's a cool list, but a bit short for the 120 hour grind to 60. I will fill many of those hours with lofi beats in my ears but I need huge playlists/radio, can't be switching up Playlist all the time.

Still working at the list - I will expend it to 6h atleast before release.

Posted : 17/06/2019 10:03 am
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I used to listen to music while playing counter-strike in public servers but for wow, its clearly in game sounds and music!
Like alot of people have been saying, you can't beat the music and sounds that WOW has to offer, run up the hill and into Ironforge!

Posted : 18/06/2019 6:51 am
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I remember listening to A LOT of The Killers, Every Time I Die, and Queen. Guess I better get started a new 1-60 Spotify playlist!

Posted : 18/06/2019 7:28 pm
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Wardruna, Einar Selvik - Viking music 😀
Lord of the rings soundtrack

And ofc the OST!


Posted : 20/06/2019 9:41 pm
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... and kill boars till i get lvl 60

Did you know that it's possible to kill Boars only from 1-60? Without any xp buffs(incl rested xp) it takes around 20.000 boar kills. (Not lvl 1 boars like in
South Park). Someone made a video of a rough calculation, he also said if he gets like 10k likes he will do it. And last time i checked vid had like 25k likes so hopefully we will see it Smile

yes, i've seen someone calculating this - man this is a tough road

Posted : 24/06/2019 2:06 am
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I was mostly listening to In Flames, Disturbed, Soilwork, Crematory, Evergrey, Sirenia, Lacuna Coil, Thunderstone, Amorphis, Sentenced, Kamelot and tens of other similar bands. Still listening to those and some new ones like Amaranthe, Dead End Finland, Black Light Discipline and Beast in Black. And then for some change some EDM and in-game music

Posted : 24/06/2019 3:38 am
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Honestly I'd just have in-game music playing because it gets me immersed in the game and was great quality compared to nowadays.
Only exception is PVP because the music gets repetitive, So Trip hop and Future funk.

Posted : 24/06/2019 12:07 pm
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Gotta have the in-game sounds myself. In fact I have to wear earbuds because I need no outside noises disturbing me while I'm in the game.

Posted : 24/06/2019 1:16 pm
Jon Bloodspray
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Necroing this because launch is upon us. How goes the classic playlists? Mine is currently sitting at 75 songs, 5hr 2min. I'd like to get it up to 10 hours before Monday.

EDIT: Also, a google search for Classic WoW playlists is what brought me to this site, via this thread, so it seems appropriate.

Posted : 24/08/2019 2:02 pm
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Soundscore and film music. That's the only way to level right in World of Warcraft!

Posted : 24/08/2019 2:07 pm
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I rarely listen to music when I'm gaming, unless I DM/spam retakes on CS, /shrug.

Posted : 24/08/2019 2:08 pm
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I have the entire Horus heresy ready for phase one and two.

As far as music goes i'll be listening to a lot of Prog metal, Death metal and slam metal with a mix of underground rap/trap and phunk.

Edit: For some reason saw this as a new thread and realized I already responded to it a while back. Oh well 😀

Posted : 24/08/2019 2:22 pm
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Personally I prefer to listen some hard rock songs

Posted : 06/09/2019 8:02 am
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Although i listen to mainly 60-80s rock and 80-90s hip hop, when play wow i bump modern talking and abba.. No idea why. Been doing that for 15 years since vanilla

Posted : 06/09/2019 8:19 am
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Hi Guys,

I was wondering what music people will listen to while playing, to bring back their nostalgia from the vanilla playing days.


Remember old WoW Radio, anyone? This was where they got their "grinding music." Used to have it playing always at work. Absolutely still amazing and maybe even better.

Posted : 06/09/2019 2:27 pm
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