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[EU][A][Mirage Racceway] Recruiting! Tier4 on farm | SSC 4/6 | TK 0/4

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Wipe Inc
We are a semi-hardcore guild. We thrive on clearing content as a fast and as efficiently as possible, looking to clear all phase 2 content in a single reset.
We are currently still progressing in phase 2 and are looking to clear all content within the forthcoming weeks.

Raid days
Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 20:00ST - 23:00ST

  • Tier 5, 25 man is cleared on a Wednesday. Thursday & Sunday.
  • Karazhan pugs can be set up by anybody throughout the week.
  • Gruul is cleared every week for DST.

Expectations from you

  • Sign up for EVERY RAID, even if it is as absent. We need to know what is happening.
  • Know your class (Gear, Talents, Gems, Enchants & Knowing your rotation)
  • Basic raid knowledge (Please read up on fights before hand, we are happy to give assignments and explain fights but are not happy to wipe for 3 hours on a simple mechanic)
  • Good communication (be able to listen and understand calls from your raid leader)


  • 25 Man Raids: Thatsmybis & Loot Council
  • 10 Man Raids: roll MS>OS (Just work out who benefits mostly from a specific item, do not rage over kara loot)

Currently Recruiting

  • Warlock
  • BM Hunter
  • Healer (any class)
  • We will consider any exceptional player of any other class that shares our expectations and would enjoy being part of a rotating roster.

Feel free to contact me on:
Bnet: OperatorEvil#2115
Discord: OperatorEvil#5357

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