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<Meta> [A] [Grobbulus - RPPVP - US WEST]

Meta is a Semi-hardcore raiding guild, focusing on progression, improvement, and community. Our raid environment is close knit, fun and helpful while still being competitive.
We are understanding of your job and other real life responsibilities though we do expect that our raiders take raid nights seriously and have exceptional attendance specifically on progression days. We are looking for similar minded players with a passion to raid and a life schedule that will fit with our raid days maximizing our progression.

3/3 Gruuls/mag
11/11 Kara

3/6 SSC
2/4 TK

Our progression days are Wednesday and Monday starting at 5pm Server Time

We do Gruul/mag and kara runs on offdays, these raids are not mandatory but are encouraged.

We are a loot council guild. Players that show up prepared to both raid days every week and perform well will be prio'd loot first.

Full consumes (Flask/Elixir, Food, Pots, Oils minimum)
Good attitude (team player)
Loot should not be why you raid
Really good raid attendance

Looking for:
1 Feral druid
Ele/resto shamans
Holy Paladin

Exceptional players of any class are always urged to apply. Attitude, Attendance and Performance is our main focus.
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