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Shaman PvP build  

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Hi guys !

I's like to play casually in PvE and try to perform in wPvP and PvP. And i try to figure out what is the best spec for shaman.
I though of 3 builds.

Elemental NS
Enhancement 1h aggressive
Enhancement 2h
Enhancement with hit talent

Have you any advise ? or details to change on my differents builds ?
I don't really like the RNG in windfury spec, and i'm a little worried about mana regen in elemental spec.

see ya

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Ill preface this by saying im speaking out of line because I dont play a shaman... So take the following with a grain of salt...

The best value you could provide to a raid (from a min/max perspective) while playing as a DPS shaman, is by wielding a nightfall axe. The specifics of your build will be less important than the raw value of you keeping nightfall up. You want to play casually, but you may still want to do the odd pug raid. A GREAT way to secure a spot in a pug is by having douses for MC, having your cloak for Nef, or having a nightfall. Even better if you can secure all three.

As far as spec performance goes, elemental shamans have massive mana issues in PvE content but are excellent for PvP. Enhance are fun for PvP, but really inconsistent. Based on what you said, I'd go a full PvP build as enhance with nightfall if I wanted to casually raid OR elemental if youre planning on primarily doing BG's and 5 mans. As far as PvP value goes, you will basically be purging on gcd, this is what you provide for the team. You purge and then you absolutely rip someone in half, then you go back to purging.

This is the spec Uhd uses for PvP

His take on the spec:
"Your base elemental spec. Picking Elemental mastery / Nature's swiftness is up to you and how it suits your playstyle. I'd recommend picking Elemental mastery for BGs especially early on, simply because you have alot more controlled burst and you kinda decide who dies. Nature's swiftness is fine but personally I feel like it's more of an outdoor / duel thing to keep yourself from dying." - Uhd

This would be the current meta for an ele shaman on private servers. Uhd is an incredible shaman. Another great resource for shaman info is Orcbit on youtube.

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Shammys have tough issues...I love em but Raids your gonna be asked to heal...maybe 1 enhance in a 40 for Windfury. will be taken & u will compete w Rogues, Warriors ,Druids , hunters for gear & weapons....elemental have mana issues and so damage really falls lvl as enhance, pvp as enhance but be ready 2 heal in raids

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