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[H] [Ashbringer] TBC 11/11 3/3

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About Us
HoH is a veteran guild from a private server with PvE raiding as our primary focus. We also have interests in dungeon grinding, world PvP, organized BGs, and arenas. The guild is semi-hardcore, which means we want to play to a high standard while still having fun. We are satisfied as long as we are making progress. We prefer vocal communicators and consistent players who understand how their class works. If you have a sense of humor and a good attitude, that's desirable, but quiet types also have their place here Grin We have a team of class officers who will assist you in learning your class and performing to the best possible standard. If you know your class but aren't geared yet, this is a problem we can definitely solve for you Grin

Loot System
We are adopting the EGPG (Effort Points and Gear Points) loot system in phase 2.

Raiding Times
Wed/Sun: 1900 server time
Tuesday: 2000 server time

Needed Classes
Exceptional players of all classes will be considered
eShaman, sPriest, Boomkin preferred
Non-raiders welcome to join as socials

If you are interested in joining, message a guild member in-game

Thank you!


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