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[EU][A][Mirage Raceway][RESISTENCIA] - Portuguese Guild -- Raid1 Semi-hc / Raid2 Casual

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Guild Portuguesa <RESISTÊNCIA> - Alliance - Mirage Raceway - PvE

R1 - Semi-Hardcore • DKP loot system • Qua/Qui/Dom | 21:15 - 00:00 PT
R2 - Casual/Social •  SR > MS > OS   •   Seg/Ter   | 21:15 - 00:00 PT


Raid 1 High Prio: RShaman, SPriest, HPriest, Lock, Hunter
Raid 2 High Prio: Ranged DPS, Healers

We welcome all portuguese players in search of a semi-hc guild.
Our main focus is to be among the best of the server while maintaining a 100% portuguese roster.

- Raid 1 will be focused on content progress while maintaining high standards to raid.

- Raid 2 for all benched players and social raiders. Join our Discord and contact one of the officers to know more about this project.

Check our recruitment status and apply:
Apply https://tinyurl.com/RESISTENCIAapply
Discord https://discord.gg/EUqsZkqFgr

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Always looking for great portuguese players Smile

Topic starter Posted : 04/09/2021 7:04 am
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