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[A] - Ashkandi (PvE US East) Prog: Sun/Mon/Tues & Casual: Tues/Thurs

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Have you been looking for MAIL ENHANCEMENT?

[A] - Ashkandi (PvE US East) Prog: Sun/Mon/Tues & Casual: Tues/Thurs

Mail Enhancement supports two raid groups now seeking team members.

As Classic progresses, players like you want to take advantage of all the new content you find interesting - and that means having a good group of people to play with.

For many of us, that means joining a guild, but finding the perfect one can be a daunting process. And it’s a process you want to get reasonably right the first time because that means less time looking for a group and more time playing in a group (i.e. happier gameplay).

Mail Enhancement is a family-oriented 550+ member Classic incarnation of a popular Vanilla-era guild. We are seeking new members for both of our raid teams.

Our more business-like “Prog Team” is ISO a healer – priest preferred but paladin welcome. The Prog Team currently is 7/9 AQ40 raiding three nights - Su/Mo/Tues 8ish-11pm EST. Loot system is Soft Reserve administered by a Google Docs form. As you can see in the video below we are a tight-knit team and we are coming for you next, C’Thun! Beware!

Our more casual “Molten Core Swim Team" is ISO 3-4 priest or pally healers, a dwarf priest and a few DPS (full on hunters). MCST is rebuilding after some reshuffling between Prog team and Casual – and losing a couple to retail (gasp). MCST is fun oriented but respects raiders time. The MCST raids Tuesday and Thursday from 8-11pm EST with focus on AQ20 and ZG until we get our numbers back up for BWL and AQ40. Loot system is Soft Reserve administered by a Google Docs form.

Aside from leveling and clearing content what are you looking for from the game?

Given that we believe we have knowledgeable and experienced players who can teach game skills, we consider the foundation of Mail Enhancement to be the character of our people. As they say in the Marines - We are Looking for a Few Good… um… characters.

For our raid teams we are prioritizing a cooperative team spirit, raid time reliability – but with an understanding that RL comes first, individual initiative with regard to preparation (consumables, knowing your class, role, reading up on the fights), and speaking up when you need help from the team with attunements, farming your resist set, and so-forth.

The bottom line is we want good solid reliable friendly people and we don’t really care a whole lot what your experience level is, how many pieces of Tier you have equipped, or if you play primarily retail or Classic.

We can teach skills and we believe we have created a fun and motivational culture that can help get you up to speed on little things like gear. But we can’t teach character. That’s something either your mom and dad or life experience did for you - or didn’t.

Be aware we do not mass invite. Each of our existing members was vetted by someone on our team. Either we did a brief but substantive “interview” with that person or pugged a dungeon or raid with them (or they are the spouse or child of a member). And speaking of families and kids – our Guild Chat is generally PG(ish) but we do have a Discord channel where you don’t need to be concerned about corrupting our nation’s youth.

So if you think a guild like this is what you seek, the process is to message a member and do something with us. Chat with us, join one of our guild runs.

Let’s talk. Let’s play. Message me or an officer (listed below) in game today!

Contact Info:

Guild leader is: Havilah

Prog Team raid leads are: Havilah & Nymphadorraa

MCST raid leads are: Lika, Kheeper & Cbunny

Officers include: Blackbush, Carabetra, Corlogan, Cbunny, Deathilia, Kheeper, Lika, Nattybumppo, Nostrilitus, Nymphadorraa, Sneakius, Wetzel & Zahzi.

Server Information: Per Warcraftlogs, Ashkandi hosts approximately 20k players with 2600 active raiders. The realm is fairly balanced overall but 60% of active raiders are Alliance. The Ashkandi realm economy is adequate with a Market Volume of around 190,000g, Auctions at around 20,000 and Unique Sellers sitting at about 1,500. For those interested in PvP ranking you’ll find that Ashkandi, as a Medium pop, requires somewhat less of an investment to reach your goal. Cooperation for things like buffs, the AQ bug farm and world boss kills, among guilds is not uncommon on Ashkandi and is often facilitated by systems that include the shared Discord Channel: Ashkandi’s Rallying Cry.

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