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US-Mankrik Horde

Aggrophobia has started building for Team 2 / Team 1 almost complete. Currently in need of DPS for Team 1 and Tanks/DPS/Healers for Team 2.

We are very social and active - PVP/PVE daily - All aspects of the Vanilla World of Warcraft


See website for application all roles considered – aggrophobia.org

Raid times will be determined by poll/vote - 2 days a week, 3 hours total, more time allotted if the team decides it is necessary.

The goal is to have two 10 player groups that come together for larger raids and fun, then build from there.

Quality over quantity.

Looking for active players, and new level 60 characters. We are inclusive of positive and active players.

Bad attitudes, toxicity, and elitism please do not apply.

LGBTQ+ friendly. 18+, Family/couples friendly. Adult humor, no filter.

No racism, politics or religious toxicity allowed.

Active Discord

Currently recruiting level 60 players. 2 weeks of probation before alts are allowed.

We are not a leveling guild, do not come to park your alts here if you suffer from ALT-i-Tis.

Be active - Helpful, fun, and log in daily.

Be prepared - We do not babysit. Have potions, flasks, necessities for raiding, and have gear repaired.

If you have first aid, cooking, or weapons training to complete, please allow yourself time to learn and

train these skills if they help your character progression or potentially help other players within


Be helpful - people can learn from you, do not teach bad habits

No Drama - you can park that outside or wash out and join a guild that is welcoming to such toxicity.

Do not harass, bully, or shame anyone, this goes for inside the guild and outside.

Be a team player - Elitist, DPS meter freakouts are not welcome. We are not a Meta Guild - we do not

build raid teams to claim to be the best. We look forward to playing with friends and creating an

atmosphere of long-lasting relationships, both in-game and out.

Know that real life happens - We can make adjustments to accommodate your playstyle if it does not

affect the overall drive, motivations, and goals of Agoraphobia as a TEAM.

Officers are a co-op - together we are the moving force for the guild, we are the founders. We act as

one through a voting system and determinations are not made by one individual.

For application please visit aggrophobia.org

Discord: Smushy#8068

Aggrophobia In-game contacts:






Kindest regards and hope to hear from you in-game, on discord, and as a part of Aggrophobia!

Aggrophobics unite! ONE OF US - ONE OF US!

Topic starter Posted : 03/09/2020 12:28 am
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