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LF leveling partner from lvl 1. EU | GMT

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I'm looking for partner to duo level from 1 to 60
I have a lvl 58 but i wish to start a new character already. I really struggled sometimes
during the process and i think that in duo it will be faster.
These characters will be played exclusively together to ensure quest and level consistency.

I dont care of faction (I would prefere horde tho) nor class, I will adapt considering what you choose
English server

Please acknowledge that:
I have a job and a wife so i can't be hardcore gamer 14h per day
some days I might eaven not play at all.

I don't care if your are a new to the game, one-legged, possessed, identifiying yourself as an oyster or whatever else the
moment that there is respect.

The goal is to level together the fastest possible.


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Hey man,

Are u still in need of a lvling partner?

Looking for exact the same thing, preferably a tank and healer so we can do a lot of dungeons as wel Smile

Hope u are still down Smile

I am on Noggenfogger EU Horde though...

Add me on discord (anyone that reads this) and sent me a reply if anyone is down to have a leveling-partner and only wants to level that character when the other one is online Smile

DC: maximvervaeke#4097



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