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Patch 1.1  

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v1.1 - Tuesday 8th May 2018


New features:

  • Achievements system - you can now earn achievements by contributing to BC in one form or another.

  • Created a ‘likes’ system - you can now like others’ posts and see your number of likes received on your profile page.

  • Introducing the Guides section - where our top quality guides for PvE, PvP, Professions etc will be based.

  • Implemented a hide/show spoiler bbcode tag
    Yup this is a spoiler alright

  • Also made a blizzard ‘blue post’ quote bbcode - more info

  • Posts now say ‘unread’ in green in the top-right of the post if you haven’t seen them yet

  • You can now upload your own banner image to your profile

  • Added more info on levelling system

  • Adventurers online: if you are logged in you will see who else is logged in on index, guides and loot

  • Tweaks:
  • Topic review area now starts with more height before user decides to expand it

  • PM conversation history now visible when replying to a PM

  • Improved seo optimisation

  • Improved performance

  • Resized topic icons so that loot/guides/normal topics align in any list of topics

  • Bugs fixed (hopefully):
  • The delete icon on the confirm delete page has been fixed

  • There is now no cut-off on the profile viewers section

  • Profile backgrounds loading in ucp kind of fixed (it will still show the first image in the list until all have been loaded, but won't expand all over the page like before).

  • Topic icons removed from subscriptions page (causing issues)

  • Issues where level bar would get ‘stuck’ for a few posts (see known issues)

  • Default avatar display issue in PM view has been fixed

  • Known issues in patch v1.1:
  • Your levels should appear again after you post!

  • If you ‘like’ posts before v1.1, the user that is notified may see a bug in their notifications list where the title of the post or topic is not displayed (just “”). nothing i can do about this.

  • That was a heck of a job lol. I'm absolutely knackered as I've had no rest in between my shifts up on the ship's bridge and coding! Hope you enjoy the changes. Any bugs you see (I'm sure there are loads) please report in the bug reports thread.

    Your boy teeb

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    v1.1.1 17th June 2018

    Just some small fixes/updates as I'm in port for a few hours!

  • Added TCG forum avatars to the gallery

  • Fixed the avatar in PMs issue
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