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Doing quests for lower levels

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Hey guys,

what do you think guys about doing quests for just a little bit lower level? For example: At level 30 make quests for level 26-27. It is much easier but is that method good in compare > played time vs exp gained?


Topic starter Posted : 02/10/2019 5:27 am
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If the green quest is for gathering a low drop rate item or if it's out of the way, more often than not I'll skip it. If you have a combination of green and yellow quests nearby, then I'd say knock them all out.

Posted : 02/10/2019 5:34 am
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Its actually recommended to kill mobs a few levels below you, as the xp penalty generally doesnt outweigh the increased kill speed.

Posted : 02/10/2019 6:43 am
Tamul Brokenhoof
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As a warrior, I overlevel every zone, even Plaguelands, every zone/quest I was in was 3 levels below me, even 4 sometimes.
It makes the questing experience so much easier, of course I followed a guide ( but this time around, the way to 60 was easier than private servers, never found myself running out of quests.

Posted : 02/10/2019 7:01 am
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I also find it quite enjoyable to quest like this. Whenever I run out of quests appropriate to me (green or yellows I know are on the lower spectrum - I dont use Questie) I tend to run an dungeon to get a level up Smile
My exception to this is long chains, I really like doing them from start to finish in one go.

Posted : 02/10/2019 7:51 am
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There is nothing wrong with doing green quests. I find it funny people skip quests because you never know what they might lead to that you will miss out on.

Posted : 02/10/2019 8:16 am
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It is suggested by many guides to keep your quests green, the time you take to kill lower level mobs with the exp penalty is better than the time you take resting for killing a mob your lvl, all guides I've checked so far and the one I'm currently using always tells me to either grind 1 or 2 levels below me so I can be 1 or 2 levels above the quest zones.

Example: without using a guide, the time I took from 10 to 20 doing yellow quests was double the time that it took me from 23 to 35 being 1 or 2 levels always above the zone, obviously guides help a lot with routes which cuts a lot of time, but still looks ridiculous to me.

Posted : 03/10/2019 3:50 am
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