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Seeing as the original poster for "The Guilds of Barrens Chat" has become inactive, I've taken it upon myself to volunteer to take over, update the list, and keep it updated.

Guilds will be listed here divided by region, then faction, and then in alphabetical order. They will have their guild orientation marked next to their name. If you wish to know what type of realm they will be on, please look at the guild's details. I'm aware there are no official realm lists publicised as of yet --- but do please private message me with your guild's realm once the realm list has been released.

If your guild is not on this list or your guild's information needs updating, simply reply to this post with the necessary information and I will add it to this post:

  • Guild Name
  • Faction
  • Region - North America/Europe/Oceanic
  • Realm - PvE/PvP/RP/RP-PvP + Name
  • Guild Orientation - PvE/PvP/RP/RP-PvP/Social
  • Guild Focus - Casual/Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore
  • Method of Contact - Profile/Website/Discord/
  • Guild Schedule - Raid Times/PvP Times/RP Times etc. Please include timezone!
  • Guild Description

  • If your guild does not intend for English to be the guild's primary language, please say so!

    In order to avoid spam, your Barrens Chat account must be more than 7 days old and you must visit the site frequently in order for your guild to qualify to be listed in this post!

    North America


    /images/misc/allyicon.pngBroken Legends (PvE & PvP)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Stalagg
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: EST
    Two Days Undecided, 9pm-12pm

    <Broken Legends> | Alliance | NA - PVP | Semi-Hardcore PVE and PVP Guild

    About Us:
    Broken Legends is a newly formed Guild founded by long time WoW and MMO Veterans. We are excited to start our journey in World of Warcraft Classic. We are a Semi-Hardcore guild that's main focus will be having fun - as corny as that sounds - we plan on Raiding two times a week with times TBD. We will be doing all content and plan on keeping up with the Phases, as well as being a force in PvP. But never at the cost of peoples enjoyment of the game. We are looking for mature players who either were around in the old days, or younger players that are excited to experience what all the old timers won't shut up about. The bulk of our growth will come after the game goes live, where we will recruit players that we encounter in the world, but before then we would like to get a group of players who are excited for launch - especially in leadership positions. We are looking for all skill levels, and a big range of time commitments. Have wife, kids, jobs? You are welcome. No-Lifer who wants to lead and teach, we want you as well. All we ask is that you are willing to get to know new people and make the Guild a place people want to spend their time.

    Raid Times:
    9pm-12am EST, Twice a Week. With more times plus weekends being added as needed.

    Member Expectations:
    1. Commitment to not just content but to each other. The best part of old WoW were the friendships and stories made in game, not just getting loot and crushing the Horde. Those will happen as well.
    2. Showing up to Raids and PvP groups. We are currently planning to Raid two times a week at around 8-9pm till 11-Midnight EST.
    3. Loot will be Loot Council with rotating non-officers pulled in.

    If this sounds like a good fit for you then please send me a message of stop by the Discord.

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngCasual (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Whitemane
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: - Discord: Cool#8812
    Guild Schedule: PST
    Sundays and Mondays 6PM-10PM

    <Casual> [Alliance] [NA-PVP] Sun/Mon 1800-2200 PST | Loot Council

    About Us:
    <Casual> is a community of adult gamers with a heavy back round in MMOs. Most of our members have cleared content in WoW in the top 100. Our main goal for Classic is to progress through raid content with a light schedule and a no-nonsense mindset. High level PvE will be our focus, however we will still be competing in PvP. Group dungeons and BGs will be a regular occurrence, and members will be encouraged to participate in these events. It is important to note that 40-man raid rosters are hard to fill, if you take longer to level than other people that is ok, if you show up to the raid approaching BiS dungeon gear, you will get a shot.

    What We Provide:
    - Dungeon and leveling groups.
    - Serious and efficient raid environment with low downtime.
    - A social and fun environment which shares a strong and friendly community.
    - We share knowledge about classes, PvP and other Classic WoW information.
    - Most Importantly; dignity and respect granted to all members.

    What are we looking for:
    - A person who understands that their performance, attendance, and attitude directly reflect in their gains.
    - Someone that is accountable for mistakes they make and who will correct them quickly
    - Players who are aware of what the grind to 60 is like, and who chose to do it anyway.
    - Players who want to help grow our guild and community.

    Raiding Information:
    - Raid Nights will be Sundays and Mondays from 6PM-10PM PST.
    - Loot will be handled via Loot Council
    - Legendary Priority will be decided when we start our progression, not before.
    - We will expect raiders to show up for Molten Core approaching BIS for dungeon gear, appropriate enchants, and potions/flasks.

    Warrior-Prot Closed. Fury HIGH

    Contact: Cool#8812 for DM purposes.
    Casual discord:

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngCelestial Born (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvE - Pagle
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: - Discord: Aeg#2622 - Zeaton#8167 - FAYRE#0120
    Guild Schedule: PST
    Tuesday - Wednesday 6pm - 10pm

    <Celestial Born> [NA - PvE - A] is a two night raiding guild recruiting for WoW Classic to progress on a semi-hardcore schedule with competitive efficiency and performance expectations .

    If you...
    -want to experience MC/Ony during Classic Phase 1 and clear raids efficiently
    -are T3 BiS minded
    -seek a work/play balance
    -appreciate the idea that every minute of every raid is worth optimizing and enjoying
    -hope to play with driven, mature, and friendly adults
    If the above matches your Classic goals, we may be the perfect fit for you. We hope to establish a raiding environment conducive to those with time constraints who aim to clear content quickly and enjoy Classic in a professional, friendly, community-driven environment.
    About Us:
    As Celestial Born grows we find ourselves home to many outstanding players with high-end experience from Vanilla, private servers, retail, and every expansion in between. We’ve played many MMO's at all levels of dedication and leadership and look forward to returning to the MMO that has defined our gaming experience. We seek to be driven and friendly, and aim to take advantage of an early-recruitment cycle for Classic to bring like-minded players together who will establish a thriving, competitive, and healthy guild culture.
    Celestial Born is being built on the foundation of striking a balance between real life time constraints and completing Vanilla raid experience at a competitive level. Our end game goal is to achieve guild-wide T3 BiS. In light of this, and out of respect for our playtime, we will run the guild in a highly organized manner.
    Please refer to our Charter at for more information.
    Our goals are intensive, but we are not necessarily intense or strict in nature. We plan to keep the adventurous and fun spirit of Classic alive in everything we do.
    Raid Schedule:
    Tuesdays: 6:00 – 10:00 p.m. (PST)
    Wednesdays: 6:00 – 10:00 p.m. (PST)
    We will eliminate Wednesdays as much as possible, especially during the first few phases. Our primary goal will be to establish an efficient raid team capable of progressing through content quickly and enjoyably. We will make the most of our raid time.
    In accordance with our aim to establish a long-term work/play balance, we will be implementing an optional rotating raid attendance schedule. With a little bit of planning and personal responsibility this system will allow all of us to take breaks without guilt, eliminate a standby bench, stave off burn out, and provide a degree of roster protection.
    Pre-designated loot council. All loot for each tier will be planned for prior to the release of each tier with full roster participation in distribution.
    Recruitment/Open Positions:
    We are still recruiting for several core positions. Please see our application page for more details regarding availability:
    We are always open to exceptional applicants of any role or class.
    If you are interested in becoming a part of what we’re building, please refer to our website at .
    For any additional questions prior to or after applying, please add FAYRE#0120 on Discord.
    Thanks for reading. May you find your perfect guild!

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngDoggo Noir (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Herod
    Guild Orientation: Raiding/Casual/Social
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: EST
    Tuesday/Thursdays 700PM

    We are a Casual-hardcore raiding guild. What does that mean? Well, the casual being we do not intend to set world first or expect you to be 60 in 2 weeks we will be taking our time and hope to be 60 in about 7 weeks. This also means that if you happen to miss a raid you wont recieve a /gkick. And the hardcore? Well, the hardcore bit means we will be taking raids seriously and will be expecting people to do what is demanded of their class/role and to come prepared with consumables and at least a world buff or flask.

    Other than that, the guild in its current state is very relaxed. Out members range from 29-35 and all have their shit together irl. Our application process involves a brief chat just to make sure you will mesh well with us. Nothing too serious though. Please look over the rest of our details to see if <Doggo Noir> fits well with you and how you hope to play classic.

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngDungeon Grind/Tempo (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Fairbanks
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Dungeon Grinding to 60
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: Not Mentioned

    <Dungeon Grind / Tempo> Fairbanks NA Pacific Alliance PvP

    Recruitment: Interested in all players to fill out both of our raid teams. Special interest in casters with an emphasis on warlocks.

    Who are we? We are a core of vanilla veterans and private server veterans who aim to establish 2 strong raid teams to push progression throughout vanilla. While the core of our guild is focused on PvE content, we do have members who will be aiming to push rank and build premade teams. Our leveling experience from 1-60 will be primarily focused on dungeon cleaving. We currently offer our members access to a spreadsheet of teams who are seeking players to complete their leveling comp within our guild. Some of these teams are playing upwards of 18 hours per day to reach level 60 in 3-5days played (yes, that quickly). At which point we will establish ourselves quickly and collect pre BiS while attempting raids within the first few weeks of launch.

    While many of our members are hardcore, we also boast a strong casual community as our raid schedule appeals to people who have a rotating or inconsistent real life. We have grown to 250 discord members in a short 2-week span. If you are interested, come check out our discord to get started. (dungeon grind/Tempo discord - matching cleave teams for Classic as well as hosting our own guild running two raid teams for an accessible raid schedule.)

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngElistren's Guild (RP-PvP)

    Region: North America
    Realm: RP-PvP - Grobbulus
    Guild Orientation: RP-PvP
    Guild Focus: Social
    Method of Contact: Elistren
    Guild Schedule: Whenever the need or want to RP arises

    I'm a long-time lurker who decided to finally make an account because I couldn't find any threads for the prospective RP-PvP playerbase. Whether Blizzard releases no RP-PvP servers or several RP-PvP servers, I'd like to start meeting like-minded people here so that we can try and congregate onto one server.

    For my part, I'm planning an Alliance-side guild for a North American RP-PvP server with some close friends. We have varying degrees of interest in RPing, but we all want a respectful and immersive atmosphere. If you're like-minded and seeking a friend group to enjoy classic with, just let me know and we can talk more. Smile

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngFilthy Casuals (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Whitemane
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Casual Raiders, 3 nights a week, 3 hours a night.
    Method of Contact: - Boosh -
    Raid Schedule: PST

  • Wednesday - 8PM - 11PM

  • Thursday - 8PM - 11PM

  • Friday - Casually 8PM - Whenever (What does this mean)

  • Saturday - 8PM - 11PM

  • Hey everyone!

    We are an Alliance based guild that wants to remain relevant through the lifespan of WoW Classic. We are looking for players who want to focus on the community aspect of the game as well as clearing content. We are not a hardcore guild by any means. I would put us in the category of "Semi Casual".

    Our objective is simple it is to work together, clear content and get the hell out so people can have their own lives. We know that everyone is an adult now with responsibilities for the most part so we will NEVER keep anyone longer than official raid end. If we finish early we will encourage people to work on consumable farming or just hanging out with the guild but it wont be mandatory.

    Additionally since we are semi casual and not extremely hardcore we don't expect everyone to min / max and use every cookie cutter spec out there. We want you to have fun while raiding and not get burnt out. We will try our absolute best to allow people to change specs / change roles and still raid. With that being said, we still expect people to do their role in raids and help us clear as fast as possible so we can GTFO.
    Something I should have mentioned maybe is that all of our officers and most members so far have PLENTY of WoW Classic experience either private server or just remembering from 2004.

    Our Friday raids will be official off nights. This is when we as a guild form up groups to do dungeons, pre-made BGs, or anything else the guild may need help with. Need to do a Paladin / Warlock Epic mount quest? This is your night. Need to farm materials for raids, but don't want to do it alone? This is your night. This is the night we go out of our way to help others in the guild and build relationships.

    Loot Rules:
    While we've looked into many other systems we have decided that we will be a DKP based guild. Randoming a raid of 40 people just isn't a fair system. Loot council can ultimately be made fair, but I don't want people to think officers or people placed on the loot council are bias against or for someone else. Also with 40 people, loot council is a beast lol. So we are just doing the simple DKP system. Points per boss kill, bid on the items you want, top bid wins the item. No going negative DKP unless you're the only one bidding on the item. We haven't decided if we want to make it an Open bid or closed bid system yet. But we will keep everyone updated. If closed bid system is chosen we will be using a discord bot to remain 100% transparent as leaders.

    There will be 6 Ranks in Filthy Casuals.

  • Recruit - Recruits are exactly what they seem. They will be on probation for 2 weeks and must make an effort into doing things with the guild to become full members at the end of that two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, the officers will decide to promote to extend recruit status. Last priority on raid invites, and only can get loot that is going to be DE'd.

  • Alt - Duh

  • Member - These people are fully functional members of Filthy Casuals with no restrictions. If a member goes inactive for a period of time we will just place a note on them in the guild tab and move on. When they come back, its like they never left.

  • Raider - These are members who have put forth the effort to raiding. These people require at least 75% Raid Attendance to keep the rank of raider. That number may change later on we're not 100% sure yet. Literally the only perk that Raiders have over member is they are given priority on raid invites. This will benefit them more if we have a full 40 members every raid.

  • Officer - Currently we have 5 officers and we plan to keep it that way unless something unforeseen arises. We will get no special treatment other than raid spots for our mains. We have all known each other for 12+ years and want to ensure that the classic experience is great for members of our guild.

  • GM - Me.. I don't do much, I just look pretty and stream while my officers do things for me. I will be the final say in any major decision but I do not run a dictatorship. I listen to EVERYONE and will try to do my best at leading a bunch of filthy casuals.
  • That's about it. If I missed anything, you have questions, concerns, or just what to chat it up feel free to send me a message on Reddit or join our discord below and we'll get your member role assigned.
    Thank you for reading!

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngFilthy Casuals (PvE & PvP)

    Region: North America
    Realm: RP-PVP - Grobbulus
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Casual
    Method of Contact: Duffman
    Guild Schedule: One day per week, days and times TBD. Organizing other non-mandatory events (world pvp etc.)

    We are an Alliance guild on Grobbulus (RP-PVP) dedicated to casually clearing all raid content. Commitment will only be once per week with any further raiding to be decided on a week by week basis. The prescheduled/fixed raids will only be on weekdays. Other events will be organized, but not mandatory.

    We are hoping to attract like minded adults who want a social experience first and foremost, but also want enough organization to make progression in clearing content. This guild is about building relationships, so we can work towards tackling content together and enjoying what WoW Classic has to offer.

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngIncarnation (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Fairbanks
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Hardcore
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: PST
    M, Tu, W 7-10pm (Monday only if needed)

    Guildmaster: Parametic
    Officers: Ephy, Iggy, Max

    <Incarnation> is a Hardcore Alliance guild looking for passionate and competitive players for Classic WoW. Our goal is to raid and clear content efficiently while promoting a healthy community. If you take the time to talk with us you'll see our passion and that we're taking this seriously.

    About Us:

    We have a solid core group and are looking to add a few more exceptional players to our roster. Our leadership core contains the following: multiple top 20 KT kills, Rank 14, multi season gladiators, complete private server progression, and competitive world rankings in other games.

    We do not expect all our recruits to have this level of experience, however we do have high expectations. All the information is out there, such as boss mechanics and dps rotations. Even those new to classes/specs will be held to a high standard. We expect before applying you research and understand the basic mechanics and rotations of the class you're applying for.


    We're currently fine tuning our raids weekly to ensure once launch comes we progress with minimal delay. Incarnation has an in house instant 60 server we use to ensure every member exceeds standards. We expect our members to be knowledgeable about each encounter and have adequate consumables available for progression.


    Rogues - High

    Warriors - Medium

    Priests - Low

    Paladin - Closed

    Warlocks - Closed

    Mages - Closed

    Hunter - Medium

    Druids - Closed


    Apply on the website join us on discord at

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngMyth of the Void (PvE)

    Region: North Amaerica
    Realm: PvP - Stalagg
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Casual
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: EST
    Thursday: 9pm-11pm
    Friday: 9pm-11pm

    We are looking for experienced and non-experienced players to join our family styled guild, we are wanting to build our ranks prior to Classic so we can get a head start on helping out our guildies with leveling, dungeons, farming and more. Our goal is to down the raids as they release but it is not mandatory to show up to raid (aka you wont get kicked) we know RL happens. So if your looking for a tight knit group of people looking to down raids, farm gear, lvl professions we are the Guild for you!

    We hope you enjoy your time here! We’ll see you in Classic!


    Raid Times:
    Thursday: 9pm-11pm (EST)
    Friday: 9pm-11pm (EST)
    (may be 1 night raid, depends on progression)


    /images/misc/allyicon.pngNostalgia (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Herod
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: - Discord:
    Guild Schedule: EST
    Friday 6pm - 9pm, Sunday 5pm - 7pm

    Nostalgia is a raiding guild with a casual schedule, but a hardcore raiding atmosphere. We are built from a core of former top NA raiders that no longer have the time to commit to a rigours schedule, but still want to experience all that WoW Classic has to offer. Many of our members have been playing since the beginning, and we can't wait to relive the best era of WoW. As adults, we no longer have the spare time we once had, so this guild is being built for the average gaming adult that cannot commit to a hardcore schedule. However, we are still extremely skilled gamers that want to clear content at a reasonable rate and be as efficient with our time as possible.

    Looking For:
    - Warrior
    - Rogue
    - Warlock
    - Mage

    - Priest
    - Paladin
    - Druid

    - Closed

    We are actively recruiting all players, of any class, that are willing to put in the necessary time to perform at the level our guild expects. We care less about how long it is going to take for you to level to 60 or how much experience you have in the classic raids, and more about your dedication to being the best that you can be.

    Raid Schedule:
    Friday - 6:00pm to 9:00pm PST
    Sunday - 5:00pm to 7:00pm PST

    Friday will be our main raid night, and Sunday will be a spare night intended for extra progression during new content stages.

    If you are interested in joining, or learning more about the guild, use the following two links to view our website or join our discord. Please feel free to speak with myself through PM's if you have any questions. When you are ready to commit to the guild, please submit an application on our website.

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngReforged (PvE & PVP)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Whitemane
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Hardcore
    Method of Contact: - - Discord: Mighty#2458
    Guild Schedule: PST
    Monday-Thursday @ 7-10pm

    About Us:
    Reforged is a fresh guild built specifically for WoW Classic, consisting of very experienced and passionate World of Warcraft raiders, dating back to the beginning. We believe that great people are the lifeblood of any successful community.

    Our mission is to build a thriving community of positive, mature, and skilled players to enjoy this journey with. Our aim is to keep our guild lean, tight-knit, and most of all, a fun and desirable place to call home. Efficiently completing all raid content that WoW Classic has to offer is our main goal. We will build and maintain a strong and consistent raid team that is capable of farming content while maintaining a fun and enjoyable raid atmosphere. When not raiding, expect us to be pushing high-tier PvP ranks through coordinated team battlegrounds and world PvP.

    Loot System: Council

    Code of Conduct:
    You can view our Code of Conduct in its entirety here.

    To Apply:
    Please visit us here or join us on Discord to apply!

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Horde

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Beta Delta Nu [ΒΔΝ] (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Herod
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Casual
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: EST
    Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:00pm - 11:15pm

    In need of:
    Druids, Warlocks, and Hunters, could still use some other classes/roles as well except for rogues and mages. We have a little bit of everything at the moment, with 20+ core raiders along with other casual players tagging along. Many of us are playing in retail at the moment while the rest of us are playing on a private server, recruiting and preparing for Classic. I suspect we’ll get a few more recruits from our currently active Kronos (private server) guild as well.
    ΒΔΝ is an NA East Coast guild led by WoW veterans who are well experienced in GM roles and raid leading. Collectively we have raided and PvP'd through all of WoW's lifetime from Vanilla to the current retail expansion, BoA. Our members' ages range from early 20s to mid 30s, but we welcome all 18+ applicants.
    We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild who also love to world and BG PvP. Progression raiding will only occur during raid hours; however, you will be expected to gear and collect consumables on your own. Remember, these are 40-man raids that drop 3 pieces of gear per boss. Obtaining dungeon, reputation, and crafted gear should be your goal.
    Our loot distribution system will be distributed by a loot council who will distribute as needed in favor of whatever is both best and fair for the guild. It should be noted that loot will not be distributed for the sole reason that someone “needs it more”. If you have put no effort to progress your character on your own time, that is on you and will likely be reflected in your performance.
    With that said, we do like to have fun – this is a game after all. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and try to help others when we can. We don’t encourage a toxic culture but we do like to joke around a lot. If you’re interested signup at the discord link above and follow the instructions in the #read-first text channel.

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Blood and Thunder (PvE & PvP)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Herod
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: - Discord: Nobleshield#9825 - ScaryLarry38#0963
    Guild Schedule: EST
    Tuesday and Thursday 6:30PM to 10PM, Monday 6:30PM to 10PM as an optional night as needed

    <Blood and Thunder>

    Timezone: NA-EST

    Faction: Horde

    Realm: PVP; we will be avoiding the popular streamer servers if at all possible.

    Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 6:30PM to 10PM EST, Monday 6:30PM to 10PM as an optional night as needed

    About Us
    A new Wow Classic Semi-Hardcore Guild run by veterans from vanilla, TBC, Wrath, and Cata. We will take raiding and PVP seriously in the sense that time will not be wasted for scheduled events, but stays light and fun! (No Drill Sergeants here!) We are looking to expand our already great community!

    Overall Goal
    To create an amazing community, where everyone feels welcome. We want to push Raiding to be one of the best on the server, and be renown on our server for PVP.

    Member Requirements
    18+ Mature Guild. Prior World of Warcraft Knowledge is required (1 year of and World of Warcraft Expansion). If you have never played Classic, or on a Private Server, we have plenty of Classic veterans willing to help you get associated with how Classic runs and feels.

    Currently, we are building an active discord community. f this feels like something you are interested in, then we would love to welcome you to our Guild!

    Contact @Nobleshield#9825, @ScaryLarry38#0963 on Discord or join up (link below)!

    Lok-Tar Ogar!

    Discord Link:

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Chromium Crusade (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvE - Atiesh
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Hardcore
    Method of Contact: Black Monarch
    Guild Schedule: Not Mentioned

    This guild would take the "You can't go home again" announcement trailer as canon. The future has just gotten so f**ked up that Chromie has decided to send an elite legion back in time to change history. These soldiers are the Chromium Crusade.

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Elwynn Forever (PvP)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Herod
    Guild Orientation: PvP
    Guild Focus: Hardcore
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: EST
    Times not mentioned.

    We slay children in Elwynn.
    This guild is not for the faint-hearted.
    This guild is for hardcore PVP'ers.
    Discord is a must.

    Bags, gear, gold, advice, with a collection of over a century of WOW knowledge at your disposal, just ask.

    For The HORDE!

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Epoch of Thought (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Whitemane
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Hardcore
    Method of Contact: Lne - -
    Guild Schedule: PST
    Wed, Thurs, Sun 1800—2200

    EoT started on Bloodscalp shortly after vanilla wow’s release & became a top guild on the server. We’ve persisted as a gaming family ever since. Our goal has always been to clear content as a team while providing a second family for our members.

    For classic we will be a top guild & clear Naxxramas. We have a solid core experienced through Naxx. Most of us have raided for years & are ready to devour classic content. We run a DKP-guided loot council focused on awarding gear where it best serves raid progression & best recognizes, attendance, & contribution to raid performance.

    What we expect:
    We expect dedicated, skilled raiders who show up with consumes, proper gear, & knowledge. We are team-focused so great performers are appreciated & recognized, but divas who are unconcerned with the health of the entire raid team or overly self-interested are not tolerated. We are a diverse group of raiders worthy of individual respect & the respect of everyone’s time.

    In short, be prepared, be knowledgeable, be on time, & don’t be an A-hole.

    Raid Schedule:
    Tue, Wed, Sun, 6 PM to 10 PM PST (GMT-8) (9pm – 1 AM EST) hard stops. Our guild has always been extremely active & 20-mans, Onyxia, etc. will continue to be ran on non-core days. On most days, if you log in, you will find a good group of people to smash content with.

    Looking for:
    Great people of all classes are strongly encouraged to apply; specifically seeking: Fury/Prot and Mages. Core raid spots are earned through demonstrated competence & dedication. If you are interested in leadership roles within the guild please send me a whisper & let’s chat.

    The best way to join is to shoot me a private discord message, but the less social can also fill out an application on our Website < > You can also jump on our discord at < >

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Extreme (PvE, PvP, & Social)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Blaumeux
    Guild Orientation: PvE, PvP, & Social
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: - Discord: TheDolamite#7497
    Guild Schedule: EST
    Tuesday and Sunday 7pm-10pm

    <Extreme> was founded in very early 2005 on Mal'Ganis and had success in the PVE and PVP disciplines and has reformed with a large portion of the original core to enjoy Classic WOW.

    We feel that Classic WOW should be enjoyed, not endured so we maintain a lighter than usual raid schedule while still achieving success. With that, if you are a drama queen; we will remove you upon identification of issues. We are an older group and we have no time for needless drama.

    As of 13 October 2019; we are sub 50% on Ragnaros with a 30-35 member raid group with multiple kills on Onyxia as well.

    - PVE -
    - MC is Tuesday and Sunday. First pull 7PM-10pm server time.
    - Onyxia is the same time, but random days due to 5 day reset schedules. (Information passed on Discord)

    - PVP -
    - PVP events are currently sporadic. Plans for an actual organized premade are in the works. We are looking for a PVP coordinator/leader.


    As of 15 OCT 2019 we are in the market for:

    1-2 Reatoration shaman
    1-2 Frost Mages
    1 Warlock
    All eligible to earn a slot in the current raid group.
    (Anticipating a 2nd group in the future)

    *We are over strength on warriors/tanks*

    1 PVP leader/coordinator for premade

    Please PM: Dolamite, Chuckwow, Lavrute, Sylvaa, or Knerd in game for more information.
    Or Dolamite at the provided Discord ID above.

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Final Form (PvE & PvP)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Herod
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Casual - Semi-Hardcore - Hardcore
    Method of Contact: - Discord: Caliber#8703
    Guild Schedule: Multiple, read below for details

    Final Form | Horde | NA-PVP | Herod | Wed/Thur 6-10 PM CST Progression

    Social: Friends/Family of members

    My Core Vision
    A. Freedom of Speech
    B. Never restricted from having fun or being silenced
    C. Approachable GM
    D. Give everyone's voice a spotlight
    E. Progression/BG Standards

    Raiding (Loot)
    Pure LC/Loot List System, hardest working players geared first
    - Used to efficiently give BiS to the raid team, ensuring our best players have the best gear
    - Loot Priority: Tank, Holy Priest, Deep Frost Mage, Main Spec, Priority Off Spec (Understudies), Off Spec
    - Transparent, PM on discord for a detailed explanation

    Loot List (Efficient Loot Cycling unlike DKP)
    - Used to efficiently give Non-BiS (Upgrades Only)/PvP BiS to the raid team

    BG Team
    QT: Every Day, 2 hours minimum

    Offday (Optional) RT: Sat/Sun 6-10 PM CST (Members/Alts)

    1/1 Prot
    3/9 Fury

    1/6 Combat

    1/1 Deep
    2/7 Frost

    1/1 Shadow
    0/1 Holy
    3/3 Disc

    0/1 SM
    2/3 DS

    0/2 Marks

    1/2 Resto

    1/1 enhanced
    2/3 Resto

    Multi-Guild Community
    The Horde Alliance, a collection of multiple guilds that raid on different times, fostering increased guild activity and decreased down time. Every day a raid is happening, every guild actively PVP's, and every player has a larger community to interact with. Below are our raid times independently. If you are interested in being apart of a greater community that fosters guild activity, we've got you covered.

    HIVE: Tuesday and Wednesday 900 AM CST

    Final Form: Wednesday and Thursday 6-10 PM CST

    BYOB: Friday and Saturday 9-12 PM EST

    (Casual Guild Slot) Bourbon Raiders: Friday and Saturday 9-12 PM EST

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Forty Niners (RP-PvP & Social)

    Region: North America
    Realm: RP-PvP - Deviate Delight
    Guild Orientation: RP-PVP & Social
    Guild Focus: Casual/Social
    Method of Contact: - JoshHardin#1229
    Guild Schedule: CST
    BGs will be held weekly on Mon-Fri 7pm-10pm and weekends

    We are openly looking to enjoy the 49 bgs with all interested. Whether you wish to twink permanently, or just temporarily, and level of twinking is on the player. No requirements. We will be hosting carries from our leveled 60s to help in the gearing process, and partake in Alliance carnage once bgs open up. Any questions or looking to join hit me up in game, or on our discord.

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Heralds of Time (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Herod
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: Discord: Eredun#6649
    Guild Schedule: EST
    Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:15PM - 11:30PM

    Heralds of Time
    Horde | Herod | Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild
    You may send me a Private Message here on, or on Discord Eredun#6649 (Please Direct Message me, not just send a friend request)
    We are currently looking at a 8:15PM EST to 11:30PM EST raiding schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Hi! Heralds of Time will be a guild focused around pushing the latest content at a pace close to Hardcore, the primary difference is that we don't have plans to use every single World Buff for raiding, but we will still use heads in Orgrimmar, or the warchief buff, when possible. Our loot system will be a mixture of EP/GP and Loot Council, Loot Council will be used for high end items and legendaries, things that will be BiS for multiple phases or are immensely rare.

    We will likely start off slowly, as we will still be heavily recruiting when the game launches. We won't truly slap on that Semi-Hardcore label until Phase 2, and hope to be completely in working order by the release of Blackwing Lair. I want to create a friendly atmosphere, but not a casual one. We will not allow drama stirrers or people who constantly flame in chat channels. The only hate you should bring is a hate against the enemy faction or the bosses you are fighting. You still must pull your weight, and if not you will be benched and potentially eventually removed. I expect everyone to be playing regularly, working to improve their gear.

    Discord voice chat required for listening, but a microphone is not required (it's a 40 man after all)

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Paradox (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvE - Mankrik
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Casual
    Method of Contact: Deano - -


    <Paradox> is now officially recruiting any and all players! Did you never get a chance to play back in the good ol days of vanilla and wondering what all of the hype is about, or simply returning to your roots and riding that nostalgia train home? No matter what background or skill level you have with the game, we are always looking for those of you who are down to explore, level, raid, grind, and overall play the game and have a good time doing it!

    I'm making this guild in order to harbor a place for all players from complete newbie to hardcore veteran and everyone in between. It will be a mostly casual guild as we all level up together and help each other complete quests, run dungeons, and engage in PvP of any type.
    As far as endgame is concerned, we will be raiding as soon as we can to keep up to date on the content as it releases. However I, and as I'm sure many others, have lives and jobs that require our top priority. With this in mind, I'm not going to keep a certain schedule when it comes to the endgame, I just hope everyone in the guild will help each other out and have fun together playing whatever it is they prefer to do in Classic. If this sounds like the way you prefer to play Classic, hop in the discord or message me here for an invite!

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Solace (PvE & PvP)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Herod
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: PST
    Thursday & Friday 6-10 (PM?)

    Chill community first raiding/pvp guild we want to be different and not treat everyone like meat to fill up a 40man raid.

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Shut Up and Color (PvE & PvP)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Stalagg
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: Discord: Trotti#9605 - Azeri#7774 - Rancidd#2772
    Guild Schedule: EST
    Saturday and Sunday 3pm to 7pm

    <Shut Up and Color>[NA][Horde][PvP]
    We are a semi-hardcore raiding and PvP guild planning on weekend raiding, world PvP, battleground premades, and twinking (29 bracket). Our guild is primarily 30+ adults who have played various games together going back to vanilla and TBC.

    Raids: Saturday and Sunday 3pm to 7pm EST / 12pm to 4 pm PST (very likely we won't need this much time once we get some gear until AQ). Optional weeknight raids for 3 day reset content may also be planned.

    Loot: Loot Council consisting of 2 officers and 3 rotating positions filled by raiders. 20 man content and PvP items will be /roll.

    Expectations: We want to complete raid content efficiently to not waste people's time. We expect raiders to be on time with appropriate consumables in a PvE raiding spec. We would like to start raiding 1.5-2 months after launch.

    Recruiting: We are currently recruiting all classes/roles. We are looking for people interested in any or all of our guild activities, as well as more casual players just looking for some people to run dungeons and bgs with.

    If you are interested please contact us on discord.

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Takeover (PvP)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Herod
    Guild Orientation: PvP
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: CST
    Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday 700 (PM?)

    <Takeover> Semi-Hardcore / NA / PvP / Horde

    🧾 Guild Information
    Realm: TBA
    Timezone: NA Central (UTC -6)
    Faction: Horde

    ⚔️ About Takeover
    Takeover is a semi-hardcore PvP focused guild, comprised of experienced private
    server and vanilla players who have achieved as high as R12 in classic PvP.

    We plan to hit classic strong and gear up so that we can raid and get BiS for the
    release of the ranking system in Phase 2.

    We are a mature group of players who are focusing on enjoying Phase 1 of classic
    (the way it was meant to be enjoyed originally) while staying true to a hardcore path
    to dominate the ranks upon the release of Phase 2 and Phase 3.

    What we are looking for
    All roles, class leads, & officer positions available

    We are looking for players new and old who are interested in smashing gnome skulls,
    have a willingness to learn, and a competitive drive. We plan to create a community first,
    and a dynasty on our server second.

    Loot Structure
    We are currently using a unique version of the Loot Council system in which the
    council will follow a strict set of predefined criteria. Council members will also be swapped
    out every 2-3 weeks to ensure fairness in loot distribution.

    Some of the criteria is as follows: Activity, PvP ability, Raiding ability,
    Recruitment prowess, Leadership ability, & more.

    Raid Schedule
    Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday [700 CST]
    Times subject to change

    Apply today
    Join our discord server below to apply
    For all other inquiries DM Haste#8603 on Discord

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Transcendence (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Stalagg
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: Discord: Parages#5472 - Parages#1986
    Guild Schedule: EST
    Tue/Wed 8-11pm

    About Us : Our core group of 20 all played Vanilla together and have experience with full clearing every raid MC-Naxx. We are a down to earth but take the limited time we spend raiding seriously. Our vision is to work smart not hard, meaning we don’t want to have to spend 5 days a week on raid content and expect all members to come prepared (know encounters, have consumables, etc.) to help ensure a smooth experience for all. We will always offer up support for grouping, gearing, theory-crafting etc for those who request it.

    Link to our KT Kill from back in the day - ... /Trans.PNG

    Loot System : Class based Loot Council. We run item restrictions as well to ensure the proper classes are being prioritized for their BIS.

    Culture : Be part of a team beyond just logging in to raid and treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself. No drama, if you have any issues with a guild decision or another player take it to an officer to help mediate. We expect all members to be active in discord and leveraging the shared resources to help prepare for leveling, gearing and raiding.

    Needs : Interested in all classes at the moment.

    Please DM me Parages#5472 (discord) or Parages#1986 for battlenet if you have questions or interest

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Vicarious (PvE)

    Region: North America
    Realm: PvP - Herod
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Hardcore
    Method of Contact: -
    Guild Schedule: EST
    Monday/Tuesday 8:30PM - 11:30PM

    < 𝐕 𝐈 𝐂 𝐀 𝐑 𝐈 𝐎 𝐔 𝐒 > (Herod-PvP)
    ɴᴀ-ᴘᴠᴘ | ʜᴏʀᴅᴇ | ʜᴀʀᴅᴄᴏʀᴇ


    DISCORD: https:// discord. gg/S28dpwk

    8:30PM - 11:30PMEST Monday/Tuesday
    ( ALT / GDKP runs held on weekends )

    We will be running a Loot Council that will be fair for all
    ( See details on our website )


    HUNTER: CLOSED (Still somewhat open for the right applicants, looking for 1-2 skilled hunters with private server experience).

    SIDE NOTE: (We are always looking to recruit players who push the boundaries in their role. If your class is closed and you still want to join the main raid, you can work towards this goal by joining one of our other semi-hardcore / casual rosters. If you are not looking for a main-raid position don’t be alarmed if your class is current closed, as this partians directly to the main raid needs )


    -Level 60 Within Two Weeks Max
    -Practice with us leading to launch
    -Relevant Attunements Completed
    -Fully Pre-Raid BIS Geared Within Two Weeks
    -Bigwigs + KTM + Functional UI
    -Stacked Raid Consumables
    -Full Knowledge of Raid Encounters
    -Functioning Microphone / Discord


    Nostalrius-PVE: Server 2nd Rag
    L4G: Server 1st Mag / Gruul
    Elysium-PVP: Server 1st Rag
    Warmane: Server 1st Mag
    Nost2.0: Server 2nd Rag / Nef
    LightBringer: From Fresh to Nef in 5 Weeks
    Northdale: Server 3rd Rag / Nef
    (Check our site for more details)


    Looking for a guild who is taking a week off commitments & focusing purely on grinding launch w/ a dedicated core that is planning to attempt MC within a week of launch? Since being entrenched in the Vanilla community for years, we have bonds with like minded guilds that will be rolling with us on both Horde / Alliance in order to accomplish server-wide tasks (Devilsaur Mafia/World Boss Lockdown/ 1st Week Multi-Guild MC Clear/Rath-Strat AVs/World PvP/etc).

    We will be rolling on Herod-PvP to compete against the best of the best and compete for #1 NA speed-clears. The vision of the guild is simple; To create a cohesive community of talented players who excel at all of the content that Classic WoW has to offer; From MC to Naxx; BGs to World PvP. If you want a guild w/ sub-30min MC clears, look no further, you’ve read the right post.


    Please contact us through our discord for any questions or inquiries.
    Thank you for showing interest in Vicarious. We hope to hear from you soon!




    /images/misc/allyicon.pngAsylum (PvE & PvP)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Pyrewood Village
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: Discord: tom#8446
    Guild Schedule: CET/CEST
    Monday and Tuesday: 19:00 - 23:00 (+-30min)

    <Asylum> [Semi-HC] [PVP] [A]

    Who are we and who are we looking for?
    - We are an international group of over 80 people, consisting of various backgrounds. We have both experienced and inexperienced members.
    - We are looking to create a mature gaming community where everyone is valued and people support each other.
    - We are open to hybrids and off-specs if people are willing to make them work.
    - Our goal is to clear all the content
    - As a group we try to keep an open mind and are willing to work with all people that share our values.

    Guild Structure
    - We have an experienced core of players with private servers and the original vanilla experience (PvE and PvP)
    - Certain positions, schedules, activities will be decided by consensus. Checks and Balances are to be placed on all officers.
    - Reasoning for all important decisions are to be made public internally and are open for debate.

    Raid information
    - 2 Raid rosters
    - Monday and Tuesday: 19:00 - 23:00 (+-30min, CET/CEST)
    - Loot system: Undecided (LC leaning)
    - While full optimization regarding buffs, potion etc. is not required (in early game), people who put in the effort and support others will be rewarded accordingly.

    About you
    - No matter if you are an individual or represent a group, we are always glad to hear from you.
    - We accept casuals and inexperienced players (and socials), so all you really need is kindness and a good mood. We do not condone toxic behavior.
    - You can be a hybrid without being treated as a second class citizen. (We accept a very limited amount)
    - If you decide to raid with us as a core raider, we expect you to improve over time and have a good attendance rate.

    For any questions or feedback, feel free to message me on discord (tom#8446)

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngBastion (PvE)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvE - Pyrewood Village
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: CEST
    Friday/Sunday 1930

    BASTION [A] | EU-PvE | Fri/Sun | 1930 CEST | Midcore | EPGP
    International, English speaking, Family and Work Friendly, "play smart not hard".

    Who are we?
    A mix of vanilla veterans (some getting long in the tooth) and friends picked up along the private server era that love the original game; looking to expand our company with like-minded people. A lot of our folks have jobs and or families so our playstyle is tailored to make good use of available time. All experience levels welcome, we'll guide you along the way if you are a wow or vanilla newbie.
    What can you expect from us?

  • A plan for all 6 phases to get through content with minimum busywork and max progress / fun.

  • A stable drama-free guild environment fully transparent on goals and function. You'll never be blindsided with adhoc decisions or not know what's coming next.

  • A competently run Discord / Guild Hub, daily and weekly guild activities and all the tools to facilitate getting informed and participating.

  • Leveling Groups for questing and Dungeons, social events, help with professions.

  • Monty Python and Douglas Adams jokes (but always up for some quality/effort memes) .

  • Where can you find us?

    We are an adult guild. Less in the PEGI18 sense (could happen occasionally) more in the low tolerance to salt / shitposting / angst.

  • Try to leave your RL bothers at the login screen.

  • Get involved with guildies.

  • Your solo time is yours, but be dependable after commiting to an official guild activity.

  • Represent the guild ethos on the realm.

  • Have fun

    Our overarching goal is to clear all raid content in a timely manner.
    Core members have had decent 40man progress (T2.5) in 2006 and had a chance to test our progress plan on the closest available fascimile (Nost+ private realms) all the way into Naxx.
    Not aiming at breaking speed clear records but we will get our clear times down to a comfortable level and take all measures to stay there.

  • Tentative raid times are Fri / Sun 19:30 - 22:30 CEST (tweaks possible after polling our roster).

  • 40man Loot System is EPGP with council veto (a last ditch safeguard against gross misallocation of loot, not expected to be used regularly/ever)

  • Further details on loot rules for Alliance / PuG raids / 20mans on our Discord.

  • Gear/ Consumable / Playstyle expectations for raid content also to be detailed on our Discord (not hardcore, but absolute minimums will be set).

  • Our main focus is PvE but we will get involved with the realm community and participate or run the occasional opt-in PvP event.

  • See you in-game

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngAscendance (PvE & PvP)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Ashbringer
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: - Discord: Godrix#6559
    Guild Schedule: Provisional (Server Time)
    Monday @ 20:00 - 00:00
    Tuesday @ 20:00 - 00:00
    Thursday @ 20:00 - 00:00


    <Ascendance> Will be a new Alliance based, International, English speaking progression guild on Ashbringer.

    Our mission is to successfully recruit driven, passionate and hungry individuals with a like-minded mentality, in order to work coherently as ONE , towards the goal(s) of our guild.

    This will allow us to efficiently and effectively clear all content as it’s released.

    Communication is the foundation to achieving the goal(s) of any long-term project. We will therefore always strive towards maintaining full transparency and clarity with regards to all matters affecting our modus operandi and/or our members.


    Creating a healthy and competitive group environment where we can transcend our limits as players. This will allow our members to prosper and for us as a group to progress through all content with ease prior to any future content release(s).

    Maintaining long-term stability, creating a thriving community and achieving the status of a reputable guild is what we will be working towards.

    Recruitment Expectation:

  • Maturity

  • Commitment

  • Team Work

  • Accountability

  • Patience

  • Like-Minded Mentality

  • Adaptability / Flexibility

  • High Raid Attendance.

  • Ability to play your class effectively.

  • Ability to listen, learn and execute commands.
  • Minimum Raiding Prerequisites:

  • Full Pre-Raid BiS Gear + Enchants.

  • Min/Maxed Spec.

  • Be prepared (Raid Tactics, consumables, etc.)
  • Recruiting:

  • Raid Leader (High Priority)

  • Recruitment Officer (High Priority)

  • Class Leader

  • Raider
  • Tank(s):

  • Warrior (Capable of DPS)

  • Druid (Capable of DPS)
  • DPS:

  • Warrior (Capable of Tanking)

  • Rogue

  • Mage

  • Hunter

  • Warlock
  • Healer(s):

  • Paladin

  • Priest (1x Power Infusion Weaving Spec - Also needed)

  • Druid

  • No Racism or Hate Speech will be tolerated.

  • All successful applicants will be treated on a trial basis.

  • Discord is compulsory.

  • Full loot transparency will be implemented.

  • 1 Random raider will be rotated into Loot Council per week.

  • GM Reserves the right on final verdict of distributed loot if needed.

  • No loot drama, disputes, corruption or freerolling will be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Any drama arising from any of the aforementioned will result in the immediate removal of relevant guilty party and/or parties.

    Application Form:

    For any additional info please respond to thread, alternatively contact Godrix#6559 on Discord, ta.

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngMyth (PvE)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Firemaw
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Hardcore
    Method of Contact: - - cloudbells#2484 - Discord: cloudbells#4332
    Guild Schedule: CEST
    Wednesday & Sunday 1900

    <Myth> | Alliance | Firemaw-PvP | EU

    About Us
    The guild started conceptually back when it was announced but it wasn't until recently that we formed it. The first few of us all knew each other and ha been playing together for years on retail. The guild has grown very rapidly and we are today composed of over 50 members (from the original 4 two weeks ago).

    We are all from different backgrounds. A few have been exclusively playing retail, while many have been playing exclusively private servers for the past few years (some for many more years). Others have been playing both. What we all have in common is our mindset. We all strive to improve, always. This is what we expect of you as well; to keep doing better.

    Plans for launch
    We consider ourselves a hardcore PvE-focused guild. Our goals are to clear MC in the third week after release, so this means leveling up relatively quickly (while still being able to enjoy the leveling experience doing dungeons etc), getting your mount, attunement, pre-BiS, and consumes in time before the third week.

    Plans Going Forward
    The idea is to clear each raid the week they are available. In order to achieve this we will be adding extra raid days in the event that the raid isn't cleared during the two alloted raid days.

    For progress we will be requiring full consumables and buffs, however during farm requirements will be relaxed somewhat.

    Raid Days
    In order to achieve this, we plan on raiding 2 days a week:

  • Wednesday 1900 CEST (server time)

  • Sunday 1900 CEST (server time)
  • Like mentioned above, we plan on adding more raid days if necessary in order to clear the raids the week they become available.

    Loot System
    We will be using Loot Council as it is the best way to gear people in order to min-max the potential of the guild. We will be very transparent with how the loot council votes. The things which will affect who gets loot are:

  • How big of an upgrade it is and whether or not it's BiS.

  • Attendance.

  • Effort in gearing up on one's own (i.e. showing up in full greens won't impress the loot council).

  • Performance (i.e. the item should have as big of an impact as possible).
  • RCLootCouncil (the addon) will be mandatory for all members.

    If you're interested, feel free to check out our Discord:
    You're also free to add me on cloudbells#2484
    Here is my Discord tag as well (probably easier to just join the Discord though): cloudbells#4332
    You can also just send a message here on

    If you want to apply, head on over and fill out or form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible:

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngNo Plan Required (PvE & PvP)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Firemaw
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Casual/Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: - Discord: Cereal#6802
    Guild Schedule: GMT +1
    Tuesday and Thursday 8:50PM - Midnight

    <No Plan Required> [EU] [PvP] [A]

    No Plan Required is an Alliance EU-PvP guild that intends to aim high in Classic. If you’re looking for a relaxed raiding environment with a pinch of competition involved, or a social enclave to hide from your severe depression, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

    What to Expect

    The main idea of the guild is to create a community where casual players and hardcore players can co-exist and succeed - but the utmost importance is that we all have fun doing it, and we do it properly. We hope to establish an atmosphere where the raiders will not miss out on the end-game experience and have the opportunity to show their capabilities. Although we hold heavy emphasis on PvE content, PvP will not be absent from the guild’s many activities. As for our activities, our members are not expected to, but are encouraged to join us as we embark on many open world journeys!

    Raid days

    Tuesday and Thursday - 8.50 pm until midnight GMT+1

    Recruitment focus

    Our roster currently needs:

    2 Priests (holy/disc)
    2 Druids (resto)
    1 Paladin (holy)
    2 Warriors (fury)
    1 Rogue
    1 Warlock
    Don’t see your class/spec among these? Don’t worry. It’s still early and the roster is very much temporary. We prefer reliable, sociable people over having the perfect roster. As such, “meme specs” are allowed within conditions.

    We are still looking for an extra raid leader in case you are experienced and interested.

    Guild trailer

    Has this post triggered you? Still need some convincing? Watch our badass trailer here-


    For now, we do not have an application form for you to fill out. You are welcome to join our Discord server on

    Many thanks for your attention and see you in game!

    Kind regards,

    No Plan Required

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngPewjitsu (PvE & PvP)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvE - Mirage Raceway
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: BST
    22:00-0100 Friday
    2000 PM Saturday
    2100 PM Sunday


    In need of:
    All classes but tanks and healers we are currently low on but more the merrier

    Hi! We are Pewjitsu! We are a guild made up of RL pals and former vanilla raiders and guildees from back in the day! Our aim as a guild is to have fun, be sociable, re live the community feel of vanilla and quest & dungeon our way to end game content! With Gm’s and Officers with raid experience from vanilla, such as ZF, MC, AQ clears and Naxx experience, by 60 we will have a raid team ready to take on the World (of warcraft!)

    As well as the PVE element, we will also have a lot of PVP elements to the guild, to take on that FUN grind to grand marshal
    Not interested in raiding or PVP but looking for a fun sociable guild? No worries! Come join in, chat, quest and re-live the old days with us!

    Our look system in dungeons will be a straight need/greed roll system, but when the raids start rolling in (pun) we will discuss the most fair and beneficial loot system Smile

    /images/misc/allyicon.pngThe Raven Council (RP-PvP)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: RP-PvP - Zandalar Tribe
    Guild Orientation: RP-PvP
    Guild Focus: Casual Social
    Method of Contact: Jimmble - -
    Guild Schedule: Whenever the need or want to RP arises

    A social guild with a raid group, RP-friendly, beginner-friendly, gnome-friendly

    Our guild was founded 14 years ago in 2005. During these years we dabbled in most aspects of the game, from roleplaying to raiding but in essence we remained a casual social guild. With a raidgroup or two. Sometimes RBG group.
    In Classic our plan is to take it slow, enjoy the scenery and take on Ragnaros when we are ready.

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Horde

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Army of Darkness (PvE & PvP)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Firemaw
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: -
    Guild Schedule: CEST
    20:00 - 23:00, Exact Days Undecided

    About us
    We're a friendly semi-hardcore WoW Classic guild on the EU PvP Firemaw on the Horde side. Our focus is both on PvP and PvE as we feel these go hand in hand. We encourage a fun and helpful atmosphere where we also try to push ourselves to great achievements.


  • To have fun and enjoy the game

  • To raid and obtain the best gear

  • To dominate in PvP

  • Expectations

  • Friendly and non toxic behaviour

  • Helpful towards guild members and other members of the Horde

  • 100% focus when raiding

  • Speak good english

  • Raid times
    We don't have a fixed schedule yet, however raid times will mostly be from 20:00 - 23:00 CEST, maybe starting earlier or ending later.

    The guild is created by 5-10 real life friends from Denmark, however we accept all nationalities. The guild is also a spiritual successor of a guild by the same name back in Vanilla, though not many of the original members remain.

    Right now we are recruiting pretty much anyone who would like to be a part of our guild. We mostly only accept people who are 18 years or older as most of us are in our thirties.

    If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please go ahead and apply. We hope to see you in Azeroth 😃

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Chocolate Milk (PvE)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Shazzrah
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: -
    Guild Schedule: CEST
    Monday 20:00 - 23:00
    Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00

    <Chocolate Milk>

    Chocolate Milk is an EU-based Horde PvP raiding guild eagerly awaiting Classic WoW launch. We were established in 2015 on the private server Nostalrius and are comprised of friends new and old with the desire to be competitive in a semi-hardcore fashion and with a positive atmosphere.
    On Nostalrius PvE and the subsequent servers after its takedown we were the top Horde guild, claiming all the server firsts Horde side and dominating world bosses for the longest time. We realize a private server is not neccesarily representative of how Classic will be but we aspire to be the same kind of guild we were if not better.

    Raiding endgame content at a competitive level
    Enjoyable raid nights that we look forward to
    Creating and maintaining a stable and friendly community

    Friendly, constructive and non-toxic behavior
    A character maintained to a high standard
    Close to 100% attendance with absences informed in advance
    High levels of preparation and the ability to learn mechanics quickly
    Absolute knowledge of your class and the flexibility to bring it's full potential
    Effective communication during raids
    A competitive drive to improve not only yourself but the team as a whole.

    Raiding schedule
    Monday 20:00 - 23:00
    Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00


    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Full Blown Raids (PvE, PvP, & Social)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Golemagg
    Guild Orientation: PvE, PvP, & Social
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: Currently no schedule.

    <Full Blown Raids> is a friendly English speaking guild currently leveling and running dungeons with plans to start a raid group in the near future. We also have a discord server for text chat, voice chat or just to chill and posts memes. At the moment everyone is leveling and we have done a few guild dungeon runs but eventually we will be moving onto the more serious content e.g. raiding and pvp. If you're looking for a guild that loves social events in the downtime but also takes gearing up, clearing bosses and taking out enemies in pvp seriously then <Full Blown Raids> is the guild for you. If you need an invite you can message myself on or you can message either "Azeroth" or "Nithrask" in game. Thanks for reading and hopefully see you in game! Peace.

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Hate (PvE & PvP)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Shazzrah
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: Server Time (timezone not provided)
    Wednesday 19:30 - 23:00
    Thursday 19:30 - 23:00
    Saturday 19:30 - 23:00

    <Hate> [H] EU-Shazzrah-PvP | Wed/Thu/Sat 1900 ST | Loot Council

    About us:
    We are a group of friends that have played together for over a year now, coming from both retail and private servers. We're all from different countries pretty much but we all speak English. Some of us have played vanilla before, some have not but most of us have over 10 years of experience in WoW. The core of the guild is comprised of experienced top raiders, orange and gold parsers, realm first and faction first players, high rated arena players, multi-curve experienced players and no lifers in general.

    - We plan to farm dungeons until we're fully pre-raid BiS
    - We plan to help as many people as we can in our guild to get raid ready and to get to level 60
    - We plan to clear all PvE content at a fast but comfortable pace
    - Our current plan is to get enough level 60s so we can start doing full guild raids
    - We aim to build a good raid roster and expand it so we can do split runs later on
    - We would also like to build a PvP battleground group that will aim to get high ranks once Phase 3 arrives

    Loot is distributed by a loot council based on individual members' value and contribution to the guild.
    The goal is for the loot dropped for the guild to remain in the guild.

    Raid progression:
    Molten Core - 8/10
    Onyxia's Lair - 1/1

    Raid schedule:
    Wednesday Thursday Saturday 19:30 - 23:00 server time

    Warrior Prot - Closed
    Warrior Fury - Open
    Rogue - Open
    Warlock - Open
    Mage - Open
    Hunter - Open
    Priest Holy - Open
    Priest Shadow - Open
    Shaman Resto - Open
    Shaman Enhancement - Open
    Shaman Elemental - Open
    Druid Resto - Open
    Druid Balance - Open
    Druid Feral DPS - Open
    Druid Feral Tank - Closed
    Few extra notes: If you're an exceptional player and the recruitment for your class/spec is closed you can still apply/contact us and you will be considered.

    How to apply:
    Join our discord, read our guild info/guild rules and contact any officer either on discord DMs or ingame. Officers - Juke, Fláre, Wildheit, Armsday, Proxitus. Alternatively you can choose to fill out our application form that is in our recruitment channel on our discord. All socials/levelers are welcome as well, just whisper us for an invite.

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Havoc (PvE & PvP)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Mograine
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: In-game: Redz
    Guild Schedule: Server Time (timezone not provided)
    Tues, Thurs, Sun 20:00 - 23:00

    We are a semi-casual group of 25+ English speaking European players back from the Vanilla days.

    Havoc’s Intentions:
    · Continue to farm end game content and progress once new content is released
    · Form (and gear) a Pre-made PvP team to stomp world PvP and BGs come P2 and P3
    · Assist casual and lower level guildies on the path to end game i.e BiS/Dungeon grinding, attunements, rep farming etc.
    · Generally have a good time!

    Current progress & raid info:
    · Raid days are set at Tues, Thurs, Sun 20:00 – 23:00 server time.
    · We operate a DKP bidding system to give everyone the chance to get the gear they want.
    · We also operate a strike system to deter players from poor behavior/ninja pulling etc.
    · Discord is a must, no discord = No DKP (No exceptions)

    Molten Core 8/10
    First Majordomo & Rag summon this reset!
    Onyxia 1/1

    We are actively looking to recruit the following classes to allow us to progress and gear farm current end game content:

    Druids x 3
    Shamans x 4

    Rogue x 4
    Hunter x 2

    If this sound like what you're looking for please whisper one of the below in-game:
    Redz - GM
    Lzr - Co-GM
    Karila - Raid Leader
    Lartigue - Officer
    Deadlock - Officer
    Mursha - Officer

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Imperium (PvE & PvP)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Gehennas
    Guild Orientation: PvE/PvP/wPvP
    Guild Focus: Semi Hardcore
    Method of Contact: -
    Raid Schedule: Tuesdays & Fridays: 20:30 - 00:00 CET/CEST

    Who are we?

    Here at Imperium we believe in the journey and comradry that vanilla offers. We share the long-time goal dream of thousands of players that wanted to make retail classic servers a reality! Since we all now have achieved that goal it is time to take the next step!

    In our guild we want to encourage the social aspect of the game, aswell as playing every bit of variety it has to offer. (PvE, PvP, wPvP, Grinding)

    Of course this doesn't mean that we want especially Grinding and Raiding to be a mind numbing auto-pilot experience. We like to keep things fun and challenging!

    Putting all the above mentioned things together we created Imperium with a simple vision:

    We want to create a mature raiding and pvp community, we want to endure throughout the whole journey and we want to have the most fun possible while at it!

    Who are we looking for?

    We are looking for a variety of people, no matter the vanilla background you have, no matter the schedule you might have, we want you to be a part of our awesome community, to enhance your and our vanilla experience, together, no matter the time you will be able to spend in the game!

    What are our goals?

    We want to clear every vanilla content and acquire all the awesome epic gear that is there. While we are at it we want to have as much fun as possible also doing wPvP and PvP so the Alliance will get to fear us! We want to create a strong bond between our members making the journey an unique experience!

    What do we expect from you?

    We want to create a mature guild environment, meaning you should at least be 20 years or older. You should have played vanilla and not be totally new to the vanilla-era. This does NOT mean you need to have cleared every possible raid content!

    If you are new to the class you will be playing on retail classic that is totally fine. It would be awesome though if you are willing to improve on your class, this can of course be done in conjunction with your respected class-leader, who will be able to guide you.

    Participation on our scheduled raids and if you so wish, PvP and especially wPvP activities.

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png LUSTRUMGG (PvE)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: RP-PvP - Zandalar Tribe
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Casual
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: GMT+0
    40 Man - Weekends 1900-2300
    10/20 Man - Reset Day 1900-2300

    HORDE | EU - PvP | Raiding | Casual

    Raid Times: 40 Man - Weekends (GMT+0) 1900 - 2300
    10/20 Man - Reset Day (GMT+0) 1900 - 2200
    Time Zones:

    Loot: Dual Pool Suicide Kings And/Or Peer Loot Council.
    Tanking group using MT gearing.
    Dual pool is one system for weapons and trinkets (Multi-Class) and one for Armour (More Class Specific)


    Priest: Open
    Warrior: Open (DPS)
    Rouge: NEED
    Shaman: Open
    Druid: Open
    Hunter: NEED
    Warlock: NEED
    Mage: Open
    Paladin: Sorry dude wrong Faction!

    Specific one slot roles: Shadow Priest and OOMKIN both have an open slot.


    Level 60 when you're ready and you better have fun along the way!
    Play TFTs with us on TS while we all wait for classic.
    Join Guild runs of BRD/LBRS/UBRS to get your attunements and help others.
    Strive towards your Pre-Raid BIS Geared with the rest of the Guild.
    Get yourself some Exilers and Fire Res Pots!
    Knowledge of Raid Encounters
    Functioning Microphone / Discord / TS setup prior to Raid.

    About Us: Please check out our website and Discord:

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Mad Scientists (PvE)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Shazzrah
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: CEST
    Days Undecided 7:30PM - 11:00PM

    <Mad Scientists> [Horde] EU-PvP Server | international English-speaking guild

    Originally founded under a different name during the WoW Beta back in 2004 ("DRUCKWELLE" EU-Azshara; later "DRUCKWELLE HQ" EU-Antonidas) our guild fought all the wars of WoW, be it in Azeroth, Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, the Broken Isles or Zandalar/Kul Tiras. With the release of WoW-classic we're once again going back to the roots of WoW.

    We are aiming for a relaxing raid atmosphere. Server first is not our main goal, but we want to maintain a steady progress, and be able to clear the raid in a timely manner. We except that our members arrive prepared to a raid (Tactics, reagents, food ect). The plan is to raid two times per week in the evening (around 7:30-11pm CE(S)T).

    What are we offering?
    We’re not only a classic guild but also a running (German) retail guild. We’re one community where people can hang out even though they play different versions of the game or different games. Our guild provides a relaxed atmosphere. The guilds administration consists of motivated officers, many of them with several years of experience leading a community/guild. We offer regular events and meetings not only when the game is released but also in the upcoming time until classic releases.

    Expectations for all members:
    Classic will bring both old and new players to the community - not all will have the same experience level. We expect members to be patient and friendly towards your fellow players - guild members and non-guild members alike. Communication in our guild will be held in English only, so we expect you to be able to understand and communicate in English. (Sidenote: communication in our retail guild is and will continue to be in German).

    If you’re interested or have any questions just send me a message or join our discord-server and ask one of our officers:

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Monstrous Bear Hugs (PvE)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Shazzrah
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact: -
    Guild Schedule: CEST
    10:00AM - 1:00 or 2:00PM

    Fellow Horde, the drums of war thunder in the distance! The call to arms has been issued.
    Soon, the time will be upon us once again. A return to where it all began…

    Who are we?
    Monstrous Bear Hugs is an upcoming morning/day time PvE raiding guild for WoW Classic. In order to foster a wonderful community and enjoy this game once again together, we are doing early recruitment. Our primary focus is pve raiding, but we will also be doing guild world PvP and lots of guild premades for BGs and massacre alliance filth! We are an officer core of old-school wow players since the EU open beta, playing and raiding ever since. However, now with jobs and family, we cannot quite no-life like in the good old days, but as we still want to raid and progress seriously we are seeking likeminded people who either can’t or won’t raid at regular peak times, but still want to see all the content, or indeed people who simply want to join our family and enjoy Classic at their own pace
    We are an English speaking guild (particularly lots of Brits atm), but we do welcome people of all nationalities!

    How do we raid?
    We are going to raid mainly late morning and early afternoon, aiming at 10-13/14 CEST, mostly during the weekend and Monday or Tuesday. As our members have jobs, families etc, we want to keep a degree of flexibility to further encourage as many people as possible to raid that might otherwise not be able to. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We want to clear all PvE content up to and including Naxxramas, but we do not enforce strict min-max policies. The most important is that we raid to have fun together. That said, of course we are raiding to progress through the content, and so we will aim to use a strong raid composition when possible. You can join and raid as a sub-optimal spec, but you might face a bit more competition for spots than e.g. a healer! The idea is to raid 2-3 times per week, 3-4 hours per raid, depending on the amount of content available and the amount of progression.

    How about drops?
    Loot will be handled with open-bid zero-sum DKP with a small regular decay to discourage hoarding. We are not going to use Loot Council. We are not going to tell people they have to pass loot to more overpowered classes. Some common sense restrictions such as MS > OS and tank priority for Thunderfury will however of course apply.

    Who are we looking for?
    The target audience is of course especially people who want to eventually clear all pve raid content in Classic, but would be willing to raid around noon European central time. Beginners, PvPers and people unable to raid very much are also very welcome, as the most important is to create a Vanilla WoW community first and foremost. Those of us that are more hardcore will be glad to help new people learn and journey though the game!
    If interested, please have a look at our discord. Anyone can access and search for information, but if you want full access please write a little bit about yourself in the recruitment and applications areas and an officer will get back to you promptly! We have also set up a good old phpBB forum to fully capture that feeling of nostalgia! We welcome applications there as well.

    See you in Azeroth!

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Pull and Beer (Social)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvE - Pyrewood Village
    Guild Orientation: Social
    Guild Focus: Casual
    Method of Contact: - Discord: Roic#4003 -
    Guild Schedule: CET
    Weekends, Sundays 1900

    [H][EU][PvE] <Pull and Beer> - Social guild with a raiding problem.


    We are forming a new guild for WoW Classic with focus on social aspects. We want to build a community, not chase progression alone. We do like to surprise ourselves, so we definitely have some ambitions, just not to the extent that we expect to clear top tier raid instances.

    The guild is based around a group of old guild mates with history back to launch, and we want to grow to a point where we are capable of mounting full size raids. Raids will not be on the agenda for a while and when it becomes a topic it will be a lazy progression, at best just a once a week event.

    Serious raiding requires a level of dedication and stress that is incompatible with the relaxed atmosphere we're aiming for. Our attitude may be casual to most things, but we take people seriously.

    Guiding principles

  • People first - People before game progression.

  • Social cohesion - Limited obligations and tasks.

  • Transparency - Clear and openly stated direction and goals.

  • Vision
  • Build a community with members we will be proud to call friends.

  • Achieve a size, skill and composition that allows occasional full-size raids.

  • Members Expectations
  • You are willing to share, help and contribute to a community.

  • You accept that plans change and interruptions occur.

  • You are responsible and punctual.

  • You are able to focus.

  • You try to improve and learn.

  • You have a sense of humour and self-irony.

  • You are honest and speak your mind.

  • Raid Schedule

    Due to the need to adult, guild-wide organized activity will be on weekend nights, most likely Sundays for raids (typically between 19:00 and 23:00). We don’t expect to mount full raids every week.


    If interested, message me (Roic#4003) on Discord for a chat. More info can be found at our website:

    Here's a Discord invite for our recruitment server to enable private messages:

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Sol In Noctem (PvE & PvP)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Golemagg
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Casual/Semi Hardcore/Hardcore
    Method of Contact: Soupoftheday
    Guild Schedule: GMT
    Tues/Thurs 1930

    Sol In Noctem - Horde - EU - PvE/PvP - Casual/Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore - English Speaking

    Intro & Expectations:

    The place for veterans and vanilla virgins who’ve grown up and found themselves with other pressing responsibilities. Bailing at any moment, going AFK, failing to attend, going offline for a while or having your baby sat on your lap at 2am… These are all traits we expect, and accept. Welcome to the guild that works WoW around your life, and not the other way around. It doesn’t matter if you play for 6 or 60 hours a week, there’s a place for you here. There’s no requirement to be hardcore, we have built a solid community of mature individuals who share a love for Classic.

    Features & Plans:

  • Structured informative & fun Discord community.

  • Community content creation.

  • 1.12 Private Test Realm.

  • Horde Coalition.

  • Shared black list.

  • Community driven special events.

  • Social or Hardcore, choose your own way to play!

  • Level 19 Twink Team.

  • Premade BGs & organised WPvP.

  • Raid Core: Raids twice weekly, Tues/Thurs, 19:30 GMT, hard stop 23:30 GMT.

  • Rock solid command structure.

  • Bustling veteran community of over 190 members.

  • Family first attitude.

  • About Me:

    I ran a fairly effective guild back in Vanilla/TBC. I played Troll Holy Priest main. Now I’ve got 3 kids, a wife and a career, so my family always comes first. But I’m still gunning for some serious progression. Our community is getting prepared pre-launch so we can go into Classic with a different kind of family from day one!

    "In the darkest night, we are the light. Sol In Noctem."
    Get in touch if you’re interested.

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png The Legend (PvE & PvP)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: PvP - Shazzrah
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Hardcore
    Method of Contact: mookey - Discord: Cosa#6492
    Guild Schedule: Server Time (timezone not provided)
    Weekdays 21:00 - 23:00, Weekends free for PVP & Farm

    <The Legend> [H] [EU] [PVE/PVP] Shazzrah

    Laidback but hardcore guild made from multiple GMs from Vanilla days. Experienced and mature leadership with full game experience. We are not an individual's guild we only want the best for the guild as a whole, if you have individual needs then The Legend is not for you. Our community is driven by its good atmosphere and willingness to help one another fully equipped or not. We are looking for people that were Legends of the old-time and can dedicate 3h per day on average.


  • Uphold our good name in public

  • Be mature

  • Don't be elitist

  • If you want to raid with us, be consistent. We do have room for everyone who wants to be social with no obligations (both ways)

  • Show up prepared

  • Be ready to learn something new every day

  • Able to receive and give criticism

  • Decent English

  • Be active on Discord & in guild chat

  • Be patient. We will not be server first (we were once), we are here to enjoy the game and to farm ALL content.

  • Experienced & mature leadership

  • Laid out guild progression plan in advance

  • Loot council based on reward, with guild progression in mind.

  • If you are interested you will learn with us every deep detail of any boss mob / mechanics ingame

  • Open officer positions based on commitment

    - Resto shamans LVL 55+
    ...but all good players are still welcome


  • Workdays 21:00 - 23:00 server time

  • Weekends free for PVP & Farm

    PM me here or via Discord @Cosa#6492

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Tortollan Shellraisers (PvE & PvP)

    Region: Europe
    Realm: RP-PVP - Zandalar Tribe
    Guild Orientation: PvE & PvP
    Guild Focus: Casual
    Method of Contact: Frizack
    Guild Schedule: Not Mentioned

    The Tortollan Shellraisers are a social raiding guild who wants to kill bosses, and with failure or success will have fun doing it.

    We are currently recruiting to take on Onyxia's Lair, Molten core and for the main boss of grinding for the pre raid best in slot.

    When battlegrounds enter the world we will be participating in glorious battle! As for world PVP it is something we want to pursue and hopefully conquer Stormwind one day.

    Even if you're new to Classic or World of Warcraft as a whole, you are welcome with us and we will help you to reach your goals.

    We are looking for people who are motivated to play classic wow and keep pushing for those sweet boss kills. If you are friendly a massive nerd and can take some banta from time to time you will fit right in.

    A bit about us: We all came from the retail version of the game and wanting to give Classic a try. After playing on various private servers we decided that this game is very much for us. Overall we are new to the Classic raiding scene ourselves and can't wait to clear it with you if you are experience or are very new like us.

    We are located on Zandalar Tribe EU Horde.

    If you have any questions or would like to sign up contact: Rizfkca

    Tortolla preserve us!



    /images/misc/allyicon.pngLudicrous Speed (PvE)

    Region: Oceanic
    Realm: PvP - Arugal
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Semi Hardcore
    Method of Contact: t4tcliff -
    Raid Schedule: AET (GMT/UTC +10-11)

  • Wednesday/ Thursday 2100

  • Sunday 2000
  • These times are reserved for later content patches (AQ, Naxx). Early raid content will require less time investment (1-2 days per week).

    Loot Distribution: DKP. Tank items will be Loot Council when necessary for progression.

    About Us:
    [A]<Ludicrous Speed> is now recruiting! Established in anticipation of Classic WoW, we are a PvE raiding guild made up of long-time WoW players and veterans of the vanilla private server scene. Our focus is on getting things done, yet doing so without burning out and forgetting it's a game. We're an older crowd, mainly professional adults, and are understanding of real life commitments. If you're looking for a fun and relaxed group to clear content with, please read on!

    What We Offer:
    - A laid-back and fun raiding environment
    - Knowledgeable and experienced leadership
    - Unbiased and transparent loot distribution

    Ideal Candidates:
    - Mature, 18yrs+
    - Have a mic and are able to communicate in English
    - Understanding of basic class mechanics
    - Prepared and on time to raid with proper talents (hybrids will be expected to heal)
    - Positive Attitude - No negative/toxic players

    Guildmaster: t4tcliff
    Apply @ Our Discord!

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Horde

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Genesis (PvP)

    Region: Oceanic
    Realm: PvP - Arugal
    Guild Orientation: PvE
    Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore
    Method of Contact:
    Guild Schedule: AEST (+10 GMT)

    <Genesis> OCE-PVP | Horde | Semi-Hardcore

    We are a group of oceanic semi-hardcore/hardcore raiders that are looking at kicking off strong into WoW Classic with an active player base and a focus on being in the top 10 OCE raiding guilds. With this comes the expectation to level to 60 and prepared to commence raiding within 4-6 weeks of release. We have made relations with other OCE raiding guilds to assist in a realm wide horde domination of the server, including arrangements for mafias, world boss control, capital city raids, etc. If your goal is to play more casually, or perhaps participate in some PVP then we are also more than happy to welcome you to the crew!

    Initially we will be looking at raiding 3 nights per week WED/THURS/SUN 3 hours per evening 7PM-10PM AEST (+10 GMT). During farm this will be reduced to 2 nights.

    It will be expected and assumed that all of our raiders will have a thorough understanding of each encounter before we begin progression. We will be discussing strategies and linking videos in our discord prior to commencing any new raids or encounter and it is strongly encouraged that you utilise these to make sure you have a full understanding of what your role will be. We also suggest engaging with your fellow raiders here in discord if you discover something new or useful to help each other improve. You will be required to make an effort towards cultivating a fun and positive raid environment while continuing to stay competitive and push content as efficiently as possible.

    If you are looking to start your Classic WoW adventure with some like-minded folks that are serious about maximising the classic experience, yet still wanting to keep an emphasis on fun then this is the place for you.

    Join in the conversations and grab a levelling buddy at

    /images/misc/hordeicon.png Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats (PvE, PvP, & Social)

    Region: Oceanic
    Realm: PvP - Arugal
    Guild Orientation: PvE, PvP, & Social
    Guild Focus: Casual
    Method of Contact:
    Raid Schedule: Undecided

    Prologue; the origins

    Inspired by the heroic actions of Fuel Rats group in Elite: Dangerous, <Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats> exists with the sole purpose of helping others in World of Warcraft: Classic.

    What is Fuel Rats and what is Elite: Dangerous?
    Elite Dangerous is a space-flight simulation game in which the player explores a realistic 1:1 scale open-world representation of the Milky Way galaxy (yes, literally 1:1 scale). Since the Milky Way is mind-bogglingly huge, it is not unusual for space explorers to get carried away and end up stranded somewhere in the void with no fuel. When this happens to you, your only way of getting back is if someone manages to find and reach you to transfer fuel.

    This is where Fuel Rats come in. These are a group of volunteers who literally go above and beyond to help out their fellow players. There is no in-game system for this, mind you. So each and every member of this selfless organisation help out others through their own means. Their longest rescue mission consisted of five Fuel Rats members finding Commander "Deluvian", a stranded pilot who is 65,788 lightyears from Sol. The combined journey took 600 (actual) hours.

    It would be an understatement to say how devoted these players are just to help out someone else.
    Our goal is to provide a similar helpful environment in WoW: Classic. With the help of some Goblin Rocket Fuel, anything is possible.

    Our guild ideology

    We have one goal; helping out any adventurers we come across. Some will come to us for help, but we should always be open to seeking out others who may be in need. Your level, equipment or the amount of wealth matters not. What matters is a healthy and friendly attitude. We do not have set roles for our members (PvE helper, PvP helper, crafter etc.) because we want you to be exemplary members of the Horde; no matter the activity. We only expect you to be kind to others, guild members and non-guildies alike.

    As long as you wear the <Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats> guild tag, you should always remember that you are representing this guild with your actions. Treat others the way you'd want them to treat you; don't ninja loot, don't spam the chat, help out low level players in quests and dungeons, give them food and potions and buffs, and perhaps some 6-8 slotted bags etc.

    Guild Events; it's not just helping but also having fun!

    Helping out others is not the only reason for our existence; obviously we should be able to enjoy the game on our own as well. Our activities include;

  • Dungeon runs

  • World PvP/BG

  • Molten Core / ZG / AQ20 / BWL / Onyxia runs. AQ40/Naxx is not on our scope.

  • Attunement/key runs

  • "Fuel Runs" where we go out to the wild and help random players

  • Epilogue; closing thoughts

    A little background on myself; I've played WoW almost religiously starting from final stages of Vanilla all throughout Wotlk and beginning of MoP. I did almost everything aside from AQ40/Naxx and PvP ranking. Much like many returning players, this time around I'm too old/busy to have a similar playstyle. Instead I just want to kick back with some friends, and enjoy mainly the social aspect of WoW. I will most likely be tanking 5-mans and offering free food/portals/enchant services on a mage alt as well.

    The reason I wanted to start this guild is to provide a friendly environment and enjoy the aspect that made Vanilla WoW the #1 game of its time; its awesome community. Many of us are too busy this time around to be hardcore raiders, so if you want to simply have fun while helping others look no further!

    Thanks for your time.

    Topic starter Posted : 12/03/2019 7:47 am
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    Maybe you could also insert a bullet about raid times if known already or if it's a hardcore/ casual guild? Great idea though, excited to see who comes out and posts!

    Posted : 12/03/2019 8:15 am
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    Maybe you could also insert a bullet about raid times if known already or if it's a hardcore/ casual guild? Great idea though, excited to see who comes out and posts!

    Oh can't believe I left out the Hardcore/Casual part. Raid times is a great suggestion! Thanks!

    Posted : 12/03/2019 8:23 am
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    Did some formatting and added some other guilds who have posted on here. Good initiative this lobster and appreciate the work. Have stickied also.

    Posted : 16/03/2019 7:03 am
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    PastRedemption seems to be Horde, according to their page. But idk wether its so now and not in classic

    Posted : 16/03/2019 7:15 am
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    This is a great idea. Thank you! Smile

    Posted : 17/03/2019 6:25 am
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    Yeah, I just sent a message to him. I actually thought I did a few days ago but it seems I was wrong. LoL

    Posted : 17/03/2019 2:19 pm
    Uncle Ganus McAnus
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    By the glorious Tits of Elune, I say ! Looking forward to killing you and your Kor Kron scum again, comrade Simonich, Voroshilovich or whatever your filthy greenskin name used to be !!

    Posted : 18/03/2019 1:52 am
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    Uncle Ganus McAnus I am pleased that you think Vorosh was running the show . He was only a general appointed to run the guild on Northdale, and while you maggots skirmished on the hills of Redridge I was weaponizing autism of the highest caliber.

    What he did to Redridge, I will do to your capital cities.

    Posted : 18/03/2019 2:25 am
    Uncle Ganus McAnus
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    @Nymis By the Forsaken manhood, I say ! I swear by your racial vendor's chopped-off head that WE will be waiting for you !! By the power of the Light, I say !!!

    Posted : 18/03/2019 2:49 am
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    Well someone needs a cap on his signature size...

    Posted : 18/03/2019 5:27 am
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    Typical dwarven compensation.

    Posted : 18/03/2019 5:53 am
    Uncle Ganus McAnus
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    Well someone needs a cap on his signature size...

    By your medical ID card, I say ! You and your treehugging friends can go hug your beloved stomps before someone burns them to the ground once and for all !! By the glory of the Alliance, i say !!!

    Posted : 18/03/2019 6:12 am
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