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The first 20 levels or so of Classic were great, partly due to the fact that all the no-life, no-changes, "muh community" poopsockers were mixed in with all the retail tourists, so it was easy for anyone and everyone to group up for group quests. The majority of my guild recruits were people that I ran through RFC, the Agamanad Family Crypts, Fenris Isle, or Pyrewood. The most difficult part of any quest was that there were not enough quest mobs to farm, and too many players who needed them. The game was more alive than I had ever seen it.

When I arrived in Hillsbrad, it was a different story. In the time that I had spent screwing around with leveling up my fishing and cooking skills and recruiting people for my guild, the no-changes poopsockers had gotten to level 50+, leaving the low-level questing zones full of retail scrubs trying to solo everything with no idea what they're doing. Hillsbrad Farm was full of soloers and teams of 2 people; if a team ever got to consist of more people than that, they'd all run off in different directions instead of working together. I'm currently stuck because it's not even possible to put a group of 5 competent players together for 10 minutes to run Dun Garok. My guildies can't help because they're all lower-level than me (which is what happens when your recruiting strategy is to carry lower-level players through content).

We got rid of CRZ, cross-realm grouping, and sharding, but we didn't get rid of the reasons for those things. Now we're being painfully reminded of those reasons, and the reasons why the Shattering removed or nerfed most of these elite areas. We have no idea when Blizzard will remove layering, or whether it'll come too late to make the low-level zones playable when it happens.

And I'm getting really sick of all the god damn running everywhere. Give me my level 1 chaufeured mechano-hog and old-world flying, please.

tl;dr: "if you didn't poopsock your way to level 60 in the first week, Classic is an unplayable wasteland with even less community interaction than BfA"

Topic starter Posted : 05/09/2019 12:58 pm
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Personally haven't experienced anything like this, sorry your server sucks.

Posted : 05/09/2019 1:01 pm
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I'm loving every bit of it even the shitty parts! It's what came with vanilla. Embrace it and stick to it. You'll enjoy it when you're 60.

Posted : 05/09/2019 1:30 pm
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It sounds like your server just sucks ass. I've had more fun and enriching experiences in the past week of WoW classic than I have in every single fucking WoW expansion combined since WoTLK.

Posted : 05/09/2019 1:38 pm
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This is why retail exists. Please go there.

Posted : 05/09/2019 1:45 pm
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I don’t really understand what this topic is about - you vented about having some poor players around in Tarren Mill one time, and then you randomly bring layering in as an ill explained afterthought, an then you complain that you’re sick of running everywhere.

Just sounds like you’re butthurt to me. In that case sorry and hope you find some better companions soon.

Posted : 05/09/2019 1:50 pm
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I need to revise my previous statement.

This is now officially the worst thread in Barrens Chat.

Posted : 05/09/2019 1:53 pm
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Time to quit or change guild or smh. I heard of this game called runescape old school if you want to check it out?

Posted : 05/09/2019 1:54 pm
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I agree it is pretty hard to find non-new players sometimes but you shouldn’t be afraid to show people the proper classic etiquette!

It’s apart of the fun having new players, everyone was pretty scrubby themselves in 2004-05. LoL

Posted : 05/09/2019 2:25 pm
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I have had the complete opposite experience on KromCrush, we have a lively /world chat. I am sorry your server seems bad =(

Posted : 05/09/2019 2:33 pm
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I've seen lots of ideas and suggestions from you which all point to one common theme - You want this game to be something that it's not. You want lots of features and things added to it which are contrary to the goal of the project - to recreate a version of the game as it existed in 2005 so that fans of the original game can go back and enjoy the game that we missed. It does not attempt to be all things to all people. Tweaking and changing and modifying and adding to the game would only serve to water it down and quite frankly ruin large chunks of it for the intended audience. And I'm not sure you're part of the intended audience of this game, which again is fine. There are other titles which you can move to that you may enjoy more.

I don't think this is a game for you. And that's okay. There are lots of video games on the market that you can play. Classic offers something unique, and more importantly, offers something special with a very focused design.
And I'm getting really sick of all the god damn running everywhere. Give me my level 1 chaufeured mechano-hog and old-world flying, please.

No. This game is not about nonstop fast-paced action. It is about space and pace. Lots of space between zones. Lots of downtime to take in the scenery. Lots of downtime to sort out your talent situation. Lots of downtime to shoot the shit in guild chat. Lots of downtime to drink and collect yourself with mana and health between pulls. It is not an action-RPG where you just smash things from the moment you sit down to the time you log out. If you're looking for nonstop action then you are playing the wrong game and you are going to have a bad time. That is not the design of this game. There are many other titles available that provide this.

The downtime between zones and all the lame running is a core pillar of the game design. You are not supposed to be able to move quickly throughout the world and this makes you plan out your course of action, where you're going, what you're going to do, and even who you're going to bring with you on your journey.

I'm having a blast with all of the travel. It's been fantastic. I was working on a quest chain last night which took me from Duskwood to Westfall to Elwynn to Duskwood to Stormwind to Menethil Harbor and back to Stormwind and back to Duskwood again. It was pretty glorious. Lots of running, lots of flight paths, lots of time spent in awe of the my surroundings
If you didn't poopsock your way to level 60 in the first week, Classic is an unplayable wasteland with even less community interaction than BfA

I am level 27 and am significantly behind all the players who rushed to level 60. I am solidly in the bottom quarter in my guild. All of the zones I have come across have been loaded with plenty of people and feel very alive. Oddly enough, early on I was having problems finding people but I was off in Darkshore and nobody plays there. As I moved on to re-join the rest of the Alliance over in Westfall that problem disappeared and there are people everywhere.

Posted : 05/09/2019 3:12 pm
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Just sounds like the games not for you or you're coming about it all wrong.

I don't think the games hard enough so im currently playing without a hearthstone so I can walk around everywhere more.

Even on my lower-populated realm, Deviate Delight, my interactions with both veteran and new players have only been very positive. Even a known guild which has been known for being slightly toxic and very shitposty (pupper pals) has been more engaging and positive towards the server community.

On recent private servers post Nost i've lost the feeling of community due to large populations packed into one server mixed between mostly NA and EU pops that had huge cultural differences and thus created a very toxic environment. Finally on Blizzards classic servers i've regained that feeling of community again and feel more apart and invested into my server. I love every second of it. Every annoyance, every wipe, every noob hand holding moment i've experience so far is generally wholesome, fun and entertaining. I feel zero rush to 60 despite my tryhard min/max poopsocking mentality.

My recommendation is to slow down and enjoy the little things. We're now able to log off with a feeling of security knowing that we're not losing any of this overnight like how it used to be on private servers. Try interacting with these newer players that you're talking poorly about and help them out or guide them. Take time to help the lower levels of your guild to catch up. Invest more of your time into other people and not just yourself.

Posted : 05/09/2019 3:46 pm
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Now we're being painfully reminded why the Shattering removed or nerfed most of these elite areas.

I don't know what you're talking about, but oh man, speaking of elite areas in zones, this does remind me of a few nights ago when I was questing in Redridge.

I was headed towards northeast Redridge to collect axes from orcs. I ran across a mage who was slowly working through a camp of orcs and I tossed him some heals and we grouped up. We eventually collected 3 more people and ended up headed even further northeast when we ran into the elites. I had forgotten about those bastards. We slowly started killing them trying to collect axes off of them but they weren't dropping. We went back to the non-elites, finished up that quest, and then the quest chain sent us back to the elites. Great. All the elites there were 3-4 levels higher than us so we were being very careful with pulls and were still dying a lot.

Over the course of about 45 minutes we slowly half corpse hopped / half killed our way to the top of a tower because we had a quest to kill a boss in that area. The boss was an elite like 5-6 levels higher than us, but another group was there, so we formed a 10-man raid group and brought the mob down. This was the first of a couple of mistakes. First, after another 15 minutes we finally brought the boss down after several wipes. This was when we discovered we had brought down the wrong orc. LoL Oops.

I checked wowhead and found out the guy we wanted was outside. Another 30 minutes later we wiped our way to the side yard where the guy was when we eventually brought that one down. That was mistake #2: we discovered that quest items don't drop if you're in a raid group. LoL So we split the raid up into two separate parties and took turns waiting for the respawn, tagging, and then bringing him down with the combined firepower of two full parties.

One of the parties dropped at that point and the rest of us finally picked up the quest to get the elite that was 5-6 levels higher than us up in the tower. This took another hour of wiping and corpse hopping our way up the tower. We finally cleared up to the boss and got our shot at it. We ALMOST brought the guy down, but I ended up pressing the wrong hotkey a couple of times, missed a heal, people started to die, and then we wiped. And then we got respawns. And more wipes. And then everybody's gear broke and we called it a night.

After a good 3-4 hours of banging our heads against those damn elites we barely got anything done. Mr. Green But holy shit was that fun. There was no gnashing of teeth over wasting time or repair bills. We didn't need any carrots on a stick dangled in front of us to have fun. There was no promise of reward if we just sat there. In fact, the only thing we were really guaranteed was failure given that we were all way too low of a level for the mobs. And that's done by design. And dammit, we almost pulled it off too. So close! It was glorious even in failure.

One of my favorite parts about the zone design in Classic is that they stuck these groups of elites in zones to throw you off. Deskwood is another example... Questing around as a level ~25 player? Have a level 35 elite running around a graveyard smashing people's faces in. LoL Lots of things like this as sprinkled around a lot of the zones and it keeps you on your toes and adds some danger to the game and I love it.

All smiles man. I love how they designed the zones and quests in this game. The pacing is pretty spot on perfect in a lot of them and I love how they stuck in all these areas that will outright kill you unless you really pay attention or come back 10 levels later to take revenge.

And I am coming back to Redridge in 10 levels to kick the shit out of that orc tower in Redridge. I'm not done with those mobs. They're gonna pay for beating my ass to the left and to the right for nearly 4 hours straight the other night.

Posted : 05/09/2019 3:52 pm
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And I'm getting really sick of all the god damn running everywhere.



Posted : 05/09/2019 3:57 pm
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Why am I not surprised this is your feeling towards it right now?

I couldn't disagree more.

I too am on Deviate Delight with Caspus and I agree with Caspus completely. Our server received laughs and doubts that it would be too small or fail. That didn't happen in the slightest. Every zone so far has been alive with tons of helpful people looking to group for any and all quests, especially the elite ones. Guilds that are forming are wonderful so far. I literally have no complaints yet, outside of ending layering.

Posted : 05/09/2019 3:58 pm
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