Realm Layering Update

Just yesterday, Community Manager Kaivax gave an update on realms layering on the Blizzard official forums.  The Community Manager stated that over the past five years, the dev team has observed the populations of realms and used layering when they felt it was necessary.  Kaivax also reaffirmed that all of the realms will be on …

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Hunter Feign Death/Trap Bug News

In a post earlier this week, a developer named Pazorax posted and update on the issue with Hunters not being able to properly deploy their traps after casting Feign Death.  Apparently the issue was occurring because the player was being detected as leaving combat too early! Pazorax explained in detail how the bug has to …

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Blizzard Updates The Not A Bug List

Blizzard updates the Not a Bug list

Quality Assurance Lead, Aggrend, posted some additional updates to the Not a Bug list on the official WoW Classic forums. The updates cover clarifications on offhand attacks, Eternal Quintessence, stuns, and much more. It’s always interesting to see the list updates because of the divergence between what Vanilla WoW was actually like and how players …

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Ddos Attack Update From Blizzard

DDoS Attack Update from Blizzard

Recently on the Blizzard Community Forums, Kaivax officially gave closure to the subject of the recent DDOS attacks upon the World of Warcraft game service. According to Kaivax, the Blizzard Security Team was able to work diligently with law enforcement agencies from around the globe to track down the perpetrator of the attacks and within …

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