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I’m putting yet another World of Warcraft character through its leveling paces. I chose a female troll warlock this time, as I hadn’t played one in a while, and I suspect the Legion class quest chain is interesting. I have power-leveled a lot of WoW characters, far more than is socially acceptable, and over these accumulated days and weeks, I’ve become pretty damn quick at it. My WoW Power Leveling is almost an unpaid occupation.

So, to help you get your characters from 1 to 110, I’ve written down a handful of hints that I think you will find handy, especially if this is your first time power-leveling a wow character. Oh, this isn’t a power-leveling guide there are enough of those out, just some hints and tips you may not have thought of.

Heirlooms & Heirloom Upgrades

Wow power leveling is all about gaining the most XP you can in the most effective way. If you want to make leveling your character up to 40% quicker then you’ll need a full set of heirloom gear. These items are not only have typically higher stats than the majority of gear at that level, but most of them have increases to XP gained from questing and monster killing. These stack and give you 40% more experience points. There are vendors in Undercity and Ironforge that you can get your heirlooms from.

Bear in mind that heirlooms initially only work up to level 60, you have to buy heirloom upgrades from those same vendors to increase their effectiveness up to level 110. If you’ve not got a few thousand gold then you may not be able to upgrade all the way, in which case focus on your XP raising items and swap out the rest when they become outdated.

Prioritise Travel Upgrades

Another very important element is ensuring that you can always move as fast as possible. Sure, you might have various skill based movement speed increases but you’ll be relying on your mounts for a lot of the time.

Flying Mount Dragon Warcraft RideYour mounts will make sure that you can get from quest point to quest point in as quick a time as possible. So make sure you get your riding skills as soon as they are available.

  • 60% at level 20
  • 100% at level 40
  • 150% flying mount at 60
  • 280% flying mount at 70
  • 310% flying mount at 80

The last two are quite costly at up to 5000 gold. Once you get flying mounts at 60, you don’t need to worry about mountains, or water or even mobs you can fly straight to the quest point, land, kill, collect, then fly back to hand in. It’s a real time-saver.


Move Through the Zones

You get the most XP when the quests are most challenging to you. In power-leveling terms this means, that go to a new zone as soon as you can because the lower you are in a zone the more XP you’ll get. Ok, sure this means that you won’t be seeing the end of questlines, and it’s unlikely you’ll ever actually complete a zone, but this is about maximising your XP gaining potential.

Also, if you do complete whole zones when you move it’s likely you’ll have to skip the entire next zone, meaning a very dull eventful run (or fly) through an entire zone to get to your next quest hub.

Pick up Herbalism and Mining

If you’re not bothered about any one particular profession in WoW then pick the two gathering skills, herbalism and mining. Both of these give you XP when you harvest a node. Although you certainly shouldn’t go out of your way to get these nodes, if one is nearby the odd boost to XP is certainly not a bad thing and will help your WoW power leveling speed.

Use Rest Xp

Another obvious one, but always log out at an inn or somewhere where you’ll start to build up rest XP. When you’re resting you start to fill up a pool called rested XP. This pool is then used to double the experience you get from killing monsters. Now, considering you’re not actually doing anything to get this bonus, it’s really worth having. This means you have to manage your hearthstone, or ensure you always log out at an inn

Wow Rest XP Inn Goldshire Image

Use Add-ins

I’m not going to go in a long piece about the add-ons you can use to assist you with leveling your world of Warcraft character. Basically, because there are loads and that would be a post in itself. I will say, however, that if you’re not using any wow mods, then you should really look into them. They can embellish the entire game and make everything a lot easier, not just leveling.

Through, the great multitude of WoW power leveling mods out there, I would recommend finding a mod that looks at your current quests and directs you. I’ve used two of them so far in my Wow history, QuestHelper and TomTom. Both of these mods give you a big arrow that will point to the objective of the nearest quest and how long it will get there. It’s a dynamic mod so if you’re quests change and there’s a new closer one, your arrow will point accordingly. Mods like this stop you having to go into your quest log and map.

Give in and Pay for it

The easiest way to power-level to 100, which is the lion share of your leveling, is to simply throw cash at the problem. This is obviously by far the quickest way to do it as it takes only seconds. But if you’re like me you’ll find the £40 price tag just that little too steep for something you can do yourself.


These are my WoW Power leveling hints and tips for helping to get your new World of Warcraft character from 1 to 100 quickly. If you have any advice, tips or leveling mods you want to share then we’d love to hear about them, so please put them in the comments.

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