wow hotfix nov 10

This hotfix corrects spell interactions for both Demon Hunters and Rogues. Balance Druid also receives some damage adjustments to Starfall.

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Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes:

NOVEMBER 10, 2022


  • Demon Hunter

    • Vengeance
      • Fixed an issue that caused Darkness’ effect to be 10% as Vengeance instead of the intended 20%.
  • Druid

    • Balance
      • Starfall damage reduced by 30%.

      • Starfire damage reduced by 15%.

      • Wrath now generates 8 Astral Power (was 6 Astral Power).

  • Rogue

    • Assassination
      • Duskwalker’s Patch (Runecarving Power) now correctly affects Deathmark instead of Vendetta. The tooltip will be updated to reflect this change in a future patch.

Player versus Player

  • Players who participate in Korrak’s Revenge and complete the bonus objective to obtain 200 Timewarped Badges from the event can earn two mounts: the Stormpike Battle Ram (Alliance) and the Frostwolf Snarler (Horde)


  • Players can now speak with Captain Taylor and now complete “On Our Own Terms” on their own terms.

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I am an avid WoW Classic player and love Druid, Priest, and Rogue and look forward to maining a DK in Wrath. When I'm not gaming or writing, I'm catching up on reading and spending time with my family, my parent's dogs, and my pet snake, Gloria.

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