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Today’s hotfix brings a rather helpful addition to Au’dara in Oribos, a BoA item called the Incense of Infinity. The Incense can be bought for 500 gold and when used at the Forge of Bonds it will give the character every conduit and increase the conduits’ iLvls to 200. Players must be Renown 80 to purchase, but otherwise only requires level 60 to use.

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December 16, 2021

Items and Rewards

  • Au’Dara in Oribos now sells the Incense of Infinity for 500 gold. Use the Incense at your Forge of Bonds to learn all conduits and increase the item level of all conduits in your collection up to 200. This item is bound to account, and can be purchased once you have obtained Renown 80 on any character. Note: Your character must be level 60 to use the Incense, as the Conduit system is not available until then.

WoW Classic Era and Season of Mastery

  • On Season of Mastery realms, the Unseen spirits in Duskwood will now reveal themselves when someone is brave enough to disturb them.

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