wow hotfix nov 11
  • Author: milliondollarpuppy
  • Date: November 16, 2022
  • Updated: November 22, 2022
  • Expansion: World of Warcraft

This Hotfix reduces the health shield provided by Dark Pact and also reduces the spell’s additional shield effect by 50%. Also thrown in is a fix for an issue that caused problems completing the Worgen questing zone.

Read on for a full breakdown of this update.

Sanq – (Source)

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes:

NOVEMBER 11, 2022



  • Dark Pact now shields you for 200% of health sacrificed (was 250%).

  • Dark Pact’s additional shield amount has been reduced by 50%.


  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to complete the worgen starting zone.

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