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With the beginning of a new year, comes a new Esports season! While 2021 saw the addition of new competitive formats such as the Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament and The Great Push, this year, Blizzard plans to instead improve the existing formats.

Blizzard have announced that this year’s total prize pool will be $1.8 Million (USD), spread across all the different formats. Additionally, while things can change with the ongoing pandemic, they are also hoping to host in-person events during the summer for both the Arena World Championship and the Mythic Dungeon International.

Teams willing to participate in this year’s tournaments can already register:

  • Arena World Championship: The first season cups will begin on March 18, with the teams competing in four separate Open cups for $10,000 in weekly prizing per region, and a chance to advance to the AWC Circuit with a global prize pool of $320,000 (USD). Following the Circuit, the four top teams from each region will also get to compete in the Grand Finals for a $300,000 prize pool.
    Sign-ups for Europe and North America are open until March 7.
  • Mythic Dungeon International: Time Trials will begin on March 30, with the top 24 teams advancing to the Groups stage, where they will compete over the $30,000 weekly prize pool and invites to the Global Finals. The Global Finals will be comprised of the top team from China, the winner of the Season 3 Last Stand Tournament, and the teams advancing from the Groups stage. They will compete over a $300,000 prize pool and the title of Global Champions.
    Teams can already register for the Time Trials here.
    Once the Global Finals have concluded, The Great Push will return, with more information coming at a later date.
  • Burning Crusade Classic Tournament: Teams from North America and Europe will compete over the $100,000 combined prize pool in this 3v3 tournament.
    Sign-ups are open for teams from Europe and North America until February 9.

For more information, make sure to check out the official post.

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