aberrus raid finder wing 3 echo of neltharion

Blizzard has once again posted their weekly summary of coming events, and it looks like things are picking up a little after a couple of slow weeks. Later today they will be posting an article about a new Battle.net Authenticator update. There are several events happening tomorrow with the weekly reset, including the Thousand Boat Bash micro-holiday, a Dragonflight Dungeon Event, a Pet Battle Bonus Event, and PVP Brawl: Gravity Lapse.

Wing 3 of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible will also be available in Raid Finder, bringing with it two more bosses: Magmorax and Echo of Neltharion. That leaves just one more wing with one last boss to be unlocked.

June 9th will be the last day to sign up for the Arena World Championship. You can also look for another edition of Blues News on June 9th, recapping official Blizzard forum posts for the week.

Blizzard – (Source)

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Raid Finder Wing 3 opens in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, this week, allowing players to face Magmorax and the Echo of Neltharion.

WoW Esports Sign-Ups Open for North America and Europe

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