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Following yesterday’s teaser, Blizzard have finally released information about the next major content update coming to World of Warcraft: Patch 9.2 – Eternity’s End.

Patch 9.2 is said to be the beginning of the third and final act of the Shadowlands saga.
Players will explore a new location, Zereth Mortis, the First Ones’ workshop used to “create afterlives”. On your journey, you will decypher the lost language of the Progenitors, and try to put an end to Zovaal’s plans.
Along with a mysterious new zone and the continuation of the main story, this patch is bringing more content to the game:

  • Mythic+ Season 3 with the addition of Tazavesh being split up into two separate Mythic+ dungeons, like Mechagon was in BFA
  • A new raid: Sepulcher of the First Ones.
  • Class Tier Sets making their come back. This time, they can be collected in raids, PvP, and Mythic+.
  • New Mounts and Pets.
  • Updates to professions, Soulbinds and Conduits
  • New zone activities, daily quests and rewards
  • A new mini-game at the Darkmoon Faire

Check out the official post for more information about the next patch.

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