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Today’s reveal of the new Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft included some welcome announcements in regards to some of the game’s foundational features. In addition to the new playable race-and-class and a new zone to explore, Blizzard is using the new expansion to improve and iterate on core systems — including the UI.

Currently, most players who want to customize their UI are forced to use addons because of the limited options the game offers. Dragonflight will include a revamp of the UI customization options, as well as modernizing the look and feel of the interface. Players will be able to add and remove UI elements, and it sounds as though you’ll be able to resize the myriad boxes and buttons as well (although this was not explicitly stated).

new wow ui dragonflight

Those of you who’ve grown attached to your current, addon-reliant layout, fear not. Blizzard will still allow players to use UI addons — the goal with the revamp is simply to give players who don’t want to fuss with addons more options out of the box.

Can’t wait to start riding dragons (or just resize your minimap)? You can opt-in to the new expansion’s Beta here!

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