new campaign chapter cinematic – power of night

With this weekly reset, players that completed the previous campaign chapter “The Unseen Guests”, and reached Renown level 52, can play through the new chapter “Power of Night”. The chapter ends with a cinematic featuring Tyrande Whisperwind.

Warning, spoilers ahead:

In this cinematic, Tyrande ends up being overwhelmed by the power of the Night Warrior, which sets up a dialogue between the Winter Queen and Elune, speaking through Tyrande. It’s revealed that they are in fact sisters, and Elune finds out that the souls that have been lost during the burning of Teldrassil, and that she sent to Ardenweald, have instead gone to the Maw.

Some fans might be confused by the fact that instead of preventing the events of Teldrassil, Elune chose to send those souls to Ardenweald. There are however two more campaign chapters left at Renown levels 56 and 58, that might shed some light on those events.

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