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From December 8 to December 22, you can participate in a brand new Timewalking event: Legion Timewalking. Just as the other Timewalking events, it comes with a weekly quest rewarding players with a piece of 226 item level gear from the Sanctum of Domination raid, and increased reputation gains from Legion content. You can also spend your Timewarped Badges in Dalaran, on new rewards:

  • New Nightborn themed weapon cosmetics
  • A Replica Aegis of Aggramar cosmetic item
  • A new Val’sharah Hippogryph mount
  • A new toy
  • Item level 164 Shoulders, Legs, and Chest armor pieces

In addition to the usual Timewalking content, Legion Mythic+ and the Mage Tower are also available for the duration of the event.

Mage Tower

The Mage Tower is a set of class and specialization specific challenges. Depending on your class and spec, you will get to tackle a challenge that if you succeed, rewards you with a cosmetic armor set, which is a recolor of the Mythic Tomb of Sargeras set for your class.
Guardian Druids however, will also receive a new Bear Form appearence: the Fel Werebear Form.
Lastly, if you complete all 7 of these challenges, you will receive a new mount: the Soaring Spelltome.
If you wish to participate, head to Deliverance Point on the Broken Shore, and speak to War Councilor Victoria.

Legion Mythic Plus

During Legion Timewalking, you can acquire another Legion specific Keystone by speaking to Ta’hsup in Oribos, next to the Great Vault. The affixes are different from the current Mythic+ ones, and the seasonal affix is replaced by the Infernal affix instead.
There is a total of 6 dungeons available during Legion Mythic+:

  • Black Rook Hold
  • Court of Stars
  • Dartkeart Thicket
  • Eye of Azshara
  • Neltharion’s Lair
  • Vault of the Wardens

Completing these dungeons will award players with gear up to 236 item level, which can be further upgraded with Valor Points up to 246 item level. Additionally, completing these Mythic+ dungeons also contributes to the weekly Vault, however, Legion Mythic+ gear will not appear in the Great Vault.

This being the first time Legion Timewalking is available, the event will last for two weeks instead of one. For more information, check out the official post.

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