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From October 18th to November 1st, it’s your chance to go trick-or-treating across Azeroth.
Visit inns in Azeroth, Northrend, Pandaria, Outland, Draenor and the Broken Isles to get Tricky Treats, and use them to purchase items such as:

If you’re still trying to get your hands on the headless horseman mount Headless Horseman’s Mount, queue up for The Headless Horseman encounter in your Dungeon Finder. And if you enjoy collecting achievements, there are 21 Hallow’s End exclusive achievements that are obtainable for a limited time.

For more information about the event, check out the official blizzard post.

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Long time World of Warcraft player, I'm always looking for new music to listen to, and weird facts and news to share with friends. I mostly play retail World of Warcraft nowadays, with some occasional Hunt, League of Legends, and Dead by Daylight.

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