Dragonflight: Legacies – Chapter 1 Released!

Another interview has come out about Dragonflight, this time with Steve Danuser and Brian Holinka being interviewed by Forbes. There’s a couple story and gameplay questions in here, and some that give some insight to their design philosphies for the expansion.

As far as story revelations, they are minor, but Steve Danuser shares some information on Wrathion and how he will attempt to continue the Black Dragonflight’s legacy. Danuser also is asked about the sword, much like Ion Hazzikostas has been before, and shares little about it other than that they haven’t forgotten it. There will also be something similar to the covenant system going forward, but focused on story and reputation style things rather than gameplay bonuses.

For gameplay oriented topics, there will be no AP or never-ending grind in Dragonflight, at least in the same vein as Artifact Power or Azerite Power. Holinka talks about how they are trying to bring more utility to the Class tree, with the Spec tree being more rotational focused. These Class trees may have utility previously only offered to other specs, and they are trying to work on ways to make the rotational options more in line with eachother, allowing more build paths; but he also says there is always going to be a mathematical best they’ll have to deal with. He also brings up inter-class balance, and trying to use talent trees as an opportunity for classes to potentially close the gaps on weak-points in fights, while still keeping an identity.

The full interview can be found here on the Forbes website.

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