dragonflight vault of the incarnate mythic boe's will be bop temporarily

There’s been lots of changes to Blizzard’s design philosophy and player expectations as of late and this is quite the interesting one. Bind on Equip items that would’ve dropped from trash mobs on the mythic difficulty are going to be Bind on Pickup for the first “few weeks”. The idea behind it is so that massive gold stores aren’t required to be competitive in Mythic raiding at the start.

This should open up the race to potentially some new contenders that have the skill but not the time to farm the gold to squeeze every bit of DPS out possible. New waters are being tread with mythic opening up on the same day as the raid’s launch, and this will likely be a change that will encourage healthy competition.

Not to worry for those among us who would participate in Mythic BoE farming, though, the items will eventually start dropping as BoE’s again once things are settled. Sadly, if you were lucky enough to get what would have been a BoE, but is a BoP due to this change, they will not change states when things go back to normal. Only new items from mythic will drop as BoE off trash mobs once the reversion has been pushed live, so feel free to equip and use what you get before then.

Normal and Heroic BoE’s will be unaffected by this change.

Kaivax – (Source)

When the Vault of the Incarnates raid opens next week, enemies inside will occasionally drop Bind-on-Equip loot, as in previous raids. For early Season 1 play, we’re putting a restriction on BoEs that drop in Mythic difficulty.

  • For the first few weeks of Dragonflight Season 1, items that would have been Bind-on-Equip in lower difficulties will drop as Bind-on-Pickup items in Mythic difficulty.

One of our goals with rewards has always been to primarily make the best loot in the game come through gameplay, rather than spending gold. Bind-on-Equip items from raids have long been exceptions to that, but they provide something unique to raiders: when raid groups don’t need the BoEs for progression anymore, they can be sold to fund consumables and repairs. In Dragonflight Season 1, Mythic difficulty is opening at the same time as other difficulties, a full week before players will have even opened the Vault for the first time, and Mythic BoEs represent more of a power increase than we wish to see available for gold.

Once a few weeks have passed, we’ll revise the items to drop as BoEs in Mythic difficulty. Please note that the second adjustment will not change already-acquired soulbound gear back into Bind-on-Equip. After that time, only new drops will be BoEs.

We’ll see you in Vault of the Incarnates next week!

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