dragonflight trading post items refreshing soon!

The trading post is meant to be a monthly perk to those who are subbed – and with that the month is almost at a close! Make sure you’ve collected at least 1000 currency and have gotten the monthly mount for doing so, and make sure you’ve already bought the items you like.

That being said there is a feature you may use that allows you to “freeze” one item so that it carries over to the next month in case you’re unsure or don’t have the required currency. This has been a fairly relaxing and rewarding feature that’s been added to the game, and I’m personally excited to see what March brings!

Nethaera – (Source)

[Updated 2/23] It won’t be long until the vendors in Orgrimmar and Stormwind trade out their wares for new items for the month of March, and February’s items go into storage.

Before the month comes to an end, if you haven’t purchased that one “must-have” item yet, don’t worry. You can “freeze” an item so you can purchase it later. When you freeze an item, it will stay available month over month until it is purchased or replaced. Don’t forget to also finish your Traveler’s Log and claim Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn mount, before time runs out! Check your progress by opening the Adventure Guide (Shift-J).

If February’s offerings didn’t have the items you wanted, you can hang on to your Trader’s Tender for next month’s offerings. It won’t go anywhere, and unspent Tender will continue to accumulate each month.

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I've been playing WoW since beta with some breaks here and there. I'm a semi-hardcore to hardcore raider that focuses on retail mainly. I'm a big fan of giant dragons and am excited for all that Dragonflight will have to offer.

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