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With the Talent system rework coming with World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, we have now gotten a preview of the talent changes coming to the Priest class. With this new system, instead of obtaining most of your spells through leveling, you will instead obtain the majority of your class’s abilities through the new Talent system. Thus, this new system has the potential to make or break old classes and specializations.

Some of the notable changes coming to the Priest class is Prayer of Mending now being baseline for Holy and Discipline Priests but unlockable for Shadow Priests, Mindgames making a return from Shadowlands, a few new abilities such as Lightwell, Empyreal Blaze, and “Choice Nodes” where players will choose one of several options, which is basically a choice between 2 different talents, in one node.

Make sure to check out the official post for the full list of changes.

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