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  • Author: Passion
  • Date: November 20, 2022
  • Updated: November 20, 2022
  • Expansion: World of Warcraft

A lot of hotfixes for pre-patch, as is traditional.

Starting on the 16th we have a few Evoker fixes. Notably, they should no longer spam the chat with every achievement, as well as being able to enter the Iron Docks and Grimrail Depot dungeons (Not sure why they’d want to though…). On the 17th, Temporal Anomaly was fixed to behave correctly, and Evokers should now be able to complete the Tarecgosa’s Rest questline. Finally, on the 18th, we have a change for Lifebind, altering who is effected.

A very interesting change is the drop chance of all mounts from world bosses in Pandaria has been greatly increased. This was changed due to a bug that was quickly hotfixed that caused Evokers to receive them as guaranteed drops due to their loot table only containing mounts.

Scattered throughout these days there are many small fixes, such as the Hunter’s Prey talent being fixed to work correctly, and Rhapsody no longer being removed at the start of boss fights.

If I had a nickel for every time a fishing rod hotfix was listed I’d have two nickels – Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice. The Underlight Angler fishing rod will now be able to correctly gain artifact power, alongside Bone Fishing Pole & Seth’s Graphite Fishing Pole will no longer have combat stats on them, unfortunately.

For the full of list changes, see below.

Blizzard Entertainment – (Source)

November 16, 2022


  • New Dracthyr should no longer cause multiple chat messages about achievements.


  • Evoker
    • Fixed an issue causing newly created Evokers to be unable to enter Iron Docks and Grimrail Depot dungeons.
    • Fixed an issue where spells could be cast while in Soulshape.
    • Resolved an issue where Evokers were unable to purchase Eternal Aspirant or Eternal Gladiator Armor pieces.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
    • The dungeon should now show up in the Dungeon Finder under World Events during the pre-expansion Tempest Unleashed event even if the player is low item level.

Items and Rewards

  • The drop chances for Son of Galleon’s Saddle, Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent, Reins of the Cobalt Primordial Direhorn, Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent, and Solar Spirehawk have been greatly increased.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the creation of some bind-on-equip items to be the incorrect item level.
  • Fixed an issue where Return to Karazhan Mythic+ end-of-run chests contained incorrect item level loot.
  • Fixed an issue where some enemies and game objects appeared at max level for characters below level 60 in Shadowlands max level dungeons.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented opposite faction players from being able to earn a chance at loot for defeating Fire Revenant, Lava Elemental, Earth Revenant, Air Revenant, and Water Elemental.
  • Quaking Spikes during Earth Storms will no longer hit flying players.
  • Fixed an issue where the level requirements for heritage questlines were incorrectly scaled.
  • Fixed an issue where users on lower graphics settings were having difficulty locating Talon Kethahn during the “Awaken, Dracthyr” quest.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the Forbidden Reach.
  • Fixed an issue where the objectives of the quest “To Be Prepared” were phased out once the pre-expansion quests were completed.
  • Dracthyr can now accept and complete the quest, “The Archon’s Answer.”

November 17, 2022


  • Evoker
    • Preservation
      • Temporal Anomaly will no longer occasionally fail to apply its absorb to full health targets.
      • Using Temporal Anomaly with Resonating Sphere will no longer replace a full strength Echo.
  • Priest
    • Fixed an issue causing Rhapsody to be removed at the start of dungeon encounters.

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue where Evokers were unable to roll Need on certain off-hand weapons and trinkets.


  • Fixed an issue where Bone Fishing Pole and Seth’s Graphite Fishing Pole incorrectly had combat stats on them.
  • Quests
    • Fixed an issue where legacy quests were not correctly identifying Dracthyr.
    • Fixed an issue where Evokers were not eligible to complete the Tarecgosa’s Rest questline.
    • Fixed an issue where Storm Huntress Suhrakka would not appear while progressing through the Vashj’ir introduction if players had accepted the quest “Call of Duty.”

November 18, 2022


  • Fixed an issue where Healers’ Cleanses were going on cooldown incorrectly.
  • Evoker
    • Hover will no longer cancel when the Evoker is struck by crowd control effects.
    • Preservation
      • Lifebind now only shares the Evoker’s healing between bonded allies, instead of sharing all healing received.
        • Developers’ note: We are happy with Preservation’s tuning overall but had concerns about the very high healing throughput of Lifebind when other healers were casting healing spells onto the Evoker during Lifebind.
  • Hunter
    • Beast Mastery
      • Corrected an issue where the Hunter’s Prey talent does not properly reset the cooldown of Kill Shot when activated.
  • Mage
    • Frost
      • Fixed an issue that caused Brain Freeze to not trigger from Ebonbolt if Brain Freeze was already active.
  • Shaman
    • Elemental
      • Fixed an issue causing Improved Flametongue Weapon to be removed upon death.
    • Warlock
      • Affliction
        • Fixed an issue where Malefic Affliction would not be removed at the end of combat.
      • Demonology
        • Fixed an issue where Demonic Cores would be granted without knowing Demonbolt.

Creatures and NPCs

  • The Experience Eliminators now allow players up to level 59 to disable XP gains.
  • The Escaped Wilderling’s great escape has come to an end, and it can correctly be recaptured again.

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue where the Underlight Angler fishing rod could not gain Artifact Power.
  • The Large Green Bags that Evokers start with can now be sold to vendors.
  • Fixed an issue where Unstable Elemental Confluence was incorrectly dealing Holy damage instead of Nature damage.


  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t craft legacy profession recipes that required special objects to craft them.


  • The Battle for Azeroth Allied Race unlock quests are now correctly available at level 50.
  • Evokers should now be able to accept the quest “From Within.”
  • Fixed an issue where Evokers were not able to loot some required items for the Tarecgosa’s Rest legendary questline.


  • Dracthyr can now correctly gain reputation with the Sha’tari Skyguard and The Tillers.

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